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    Murdered Brit in 'illegal business' conflict

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 26/01/2017

    » A conflict in connection with illegal activities is believed to be the motive behind Monday's killing of a British man shot while sitting in his car in Pattaya.

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    Mother chief suspect in son's murder

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 04/02/2019

    » The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) has arrested six suspects in a cold-blooded murder case from what the CSD initially described as the "least likely" clue.

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    More borders, more problems

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 28/01/2019

    » Last week's murder and dismemberment of a South Korean man should teach the police a lesson -- that criminals can use Thailand's porous natural border to get in and out of the country undetected with ease.

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    Round up of unsavoury suspects

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 27/12/2018

    » On the crime front, public attention was dominated to a large degree by news stories that were wide-ranging, unusual and controversial. The alleged bitcoin fraud had police and readers delving into the complexity of the cryptocurrency issue, which is new to most people, while the arrest of senior clergy in temple fund embezzlement cases tested people's faith in Buddhism. Meanwhile, the arrest of a policeman-turned-hitman responsible for at least two murders, brought back memories of his alleged connection to the kidnapping and murders of the wife and son of a jeweller holding vital clues in the 1995 stolen Saudi gems case. Police also claimed success in nabbing all overstayers in a long-running crackdown. However, the reportedly accidental shooting death of an Indian tourist in a gun battle between two rival Bangkok gangs undermined confidence in tourist safety.

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    Battling against a crooked system

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 06/08/2018

    » A 19-year-old woman's plunge to her death from a moving truck which was initially recorded as an accident by police, but is now believed to be a murder, is another blow to the country's justice system, says social advocate Atchariya Ruangrattanapong.

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    Key suspect in murder of border market couple surrenders

    Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 07/08/2018

    » A key suspect in the Jan 30 murder of a wealthy Rong Kluea border market couple has surrendered to Crime Suppression Division police and claimed she was a scapegoat.

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    Top five crime news stories of the year

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 26/12/2017

    » The year 2017 saw many infamous crime stories make the headlines in the Bangkok Post. The Post would like to recap five such stories -- from the killer "beauties", the Krabi family massacre, the wholesale fraud surrounding non-existent tours to Japan, the Xaysana drug trafficking gang, to the Jomsap retrial saga -- which had readers following each case over the course of many days and weeks as the events unfolded.

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    Three being probed for abduction of businessman

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 11/06/2017

    » Three suspects are being investigated for their alleged involvement in the abduction of a Japanese businessman, after a rescue operation found the wounded victim in an apartment in Bangkok.

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    Discreetly does it in Uthai Thani hits

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 13/03/2017

    » A series of police raids have been carried out in Uthai Thani to find the gunmen and masterminds behind four gruesome murders that took place in recent months.

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    CSD steps in to Lee hit-and-run case in Songkhla

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 14/12/2015

    » A closer look at the recent murder of a wealthy Malaysian businessman in Songkhla has alerted the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) to an influential foreign figure who may be keeping local police from investigating the case in earnest.

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