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    Humans unabashedly steal secrets from animals

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 29/06/2010

    » There is no doubt that humans are incredible designers, architects and builders. From the Taj Mahal to the new Burj Khalifa, to the Airbus A380 to nuclear submarines, Homo sapiens are incredible. But many of our technologies were either inspired by or simply stolen from animals. In many circumstances, animals are aeons ahead of us in the building and design world.


    RSU expands course offerings

    Learningpost, Purich Trivitayakhun, Published on 04/05/2010

    » Rangsit University (RSU) has prepared a bilingual nursing science programme and the first-ever Faculty of Digital Art to get its students ready to become qualified human resource products of Thailand, Arthit Ourairat, PhD, president of RSU, revealed recently on the occasion of the university's 25th anniversary.


    Mastering the Art of Touch

    Mylife, Anjira Assavanonda, Published on 17/06/2010

    » There's not many in the spa industry who hasn't heard about Chiva-Som, one of the world's leading destination spas that has been offering its clients premier health facilities, treatment and services since 1991.


    Universal energy

    Mylife, Anjira Assavanonda, Published on 13/05/2010

    » Thunyawat Teerachetmongkol once suffered from an allergy that made his life very uncomfortable. Today, however, he is in good health and looks younger than his age of 50 years-plus. The illness turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led him to a new way of self-healing: the use of vital energy to bring back the balance to his health and others.


    Killers of the deep

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 18/05/2010

    » There is something spooky and frightening about killers in the water. I think it is because we rarely see them, unlike aerial or land hunters. They are arguably among the most unknown and undiscovered hunters due to the difficulties in researching them.


    Plain bloody minded

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 21/03/2010

    » Last Tuesday we witnessed the spectacle of a couple of thousand largely under-educated, but probably very nice, country folk spatter their blood at the gates to Parliament House. A Brahmin priest dressed in unflattering white danced and chanted and painted evil curses in blood on the four corners of the House. As the sun went down the red shirts went back to their camping ground at the Royal Plaza, and I went home wondering if they were remaking Monty Python here in Thailand.


    What to expect during your child's first weeks at school

    Learningpost, Sarah Pradit, Published on 23/03/2010

    » Sending a child to school for the first time is an emotional and scary process for the child and the parents. Parents should be on guard and ready to expect a few changes and a lot of surprises.


    'Garbage Island': Lost at sea

    Learningpost, David Canavan, Published on 23/03/2010

    » Have you ever wondered where the litter you dispose of every day goes? Certainly much of it goes into waste sites and, sadly, precious little is recycled, but a large amount makes it to the oceans.


    The dark side of Thailand

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 28/03/2010

    » There is an ad on Thai TV at the moment for a product that whitens your armpits. That's right. Your armpits. That's all; nothing else. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. It's an ad for a roll-on deodorant, but the main thing is not that you smell nice. Rather, your underarms will be white.


    A gift to give

    Mylife, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 01/04/2010

    » Thailand has a large deaf population, and many are skilled in sign language, using it as their chief means of communication. Others are denied the opportunity to learn by their parents.

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