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    Missing persons still need legal help

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 05/09/2019

    » The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is getting praise it well deserves. On Tuesday, the DSI held a joint press conference with other state agencies announcing they have found Porlajee "Billy" Rakchongcharoen, a Karen ethnic rights activist who disappeared more than five years ago.


    Villages interpret late King's philosophy

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 13/10/2018

    » Love for King Bhumibol Adulyadej, or Rama IX, is still running deep among Thais two years after the highly revered monarch passed away at the age of 88 on Oct 13, 2016.


    The case for more female leaders

    Asia focus, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 10/04/2017

    » During a school swimming class, an East German girl with pale blonde hair stood at the edge of the high diving board, staring down at the pool below for 45 minutes. Just before the class bell rang, she finally jumped. Angela Merkel was determined to overcome her fears, no matter how long it took.

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    A place among the dead

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 26/07/2016

    » Cemeteries are a sanctuary for the dead and the mourners. But the Bangkok Protestant Cemetery on Charoen Krung 72/5, known as Soi Susan Farang, has been known as a tourist attraction, due to the beautiful architecture of the memorial sites and splendidly carved gravestones. The cemetery, besides being one of the oldest burial grounds that remain unaffected by the urban development of the city, has a cultural value as a testament of foreign cultures present in Thailand from the mid-19th century until the present day.


    Real life can't really mimic the movies

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 23/05/2016

    » In the final scene of the Oscar-winning road movie, Thelma & Louise, the two desperate housewives and fugitives look at one another and hold hands. "Let us keep going." "What do you mean?" "Go!" "You sure?" Then, they hit the gas of the 1966 Ford Thunderbird convertible classic and fly off the cliff.

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    Serving the story of seafood

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 01/07/2015

    » 'This kula fish comes from Laem Krabi area in Krabi province. The man who caught it is a local fishermen named Bang Meng," explains Supaporn Anuchiracheeva, a representative of Earth Net Foundation, as she picks the threadfin fish from an ice tray. Then she continued with the detailed background of the catch.

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    Protecting their natural rights

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 03/12/2014

    » Some animals are considered man's best friend, and we love them as long as they don't become a burden. When love fizzles out, as all love does, those once cute pets or loyal beasts can be subject to mistreatment. 


    Delayed ban a death sentence for Thai dugongs

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 22/08/2019

    » The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has finally woken up to the plight of critically endangered dugongs by turning Marium, the nation's sweetheart, into a poster child.


    The meat of the matter

    Business, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 19/06/2019

    » In order to become the beef hub of the world and secure the premium market, Australia, one of the world's leading beef exporters, has set an ambitious goal to become the global leader in carbon-neutral red meat.


    New Rail Dept has a very long journey ahead

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 25/05/2019

    » More than 120 years since the nation's first railway was built, 20 years after the the BTS Skytrain's launch and 15 years after the MRT subway's birth, the Rail Department, a state body to oversee all rail transport operators, has finally come to life.

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