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    The new black gold

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 24/08/2018

    » Canadian Blake Dinkin is the creator and owner of the world's rarest and most expensive coffee, refined naturally by elephants — Black Ivory Coffee. Partnering with Ban Taklang in Surin and the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, Dinkin produces "elephant dung coffee". However, production of Black Ivory Coffee provides valuable income for elephant care-giving families, as well as students who are taught how to wash and dry the coffee. The mission of Black Ivory Coffee is to take a negative situation, namely human-elephant conflict and turn it into a positive one by creating a luxury product that helps not hurts elephants, as Dinkin tells Guru.

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    100% fresh

    Life, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 04/01/2019

    » A familiar pok-pok sound greets me as I enter the newly-renovated Charoen Krung favourite, 80/20. This is intentional, I later learn, intended to remind diners that 80/20 is a Thai kitchen serving Thai cuisine. The expanded space has a wall with murals by local artist Luke Satoru and Khun Rose, the mother of one of 80/20's chefs.

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    Vivid colours, abundant beauty

    Life, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 06/07/2017

    » Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as "the Pearl of Africa" in his 1908 book My African Journey, for "its magnificence, for variety of form and colour" and its "profusion of brilliant life".

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    Day trippin'

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 20/09/2019

    » I get cabin fever if I am in the concrete urban jungle we call Bangkok for too long. A weekend trip to the 'burbs is ideal for when the bank balance is low, but the holiday spirit is high. The capital's surrounding areas are a treasure trove of exciting activities and all it takes is a sense of adventure. So strap on the exploration belts and let's go on a ride!

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    Rocket 2.0

    Life, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 12/07/2019

    » Ever since Rocket Coffeebar opened its doors in 2013, I have been an avid fan. Serving Scandinavian cuisine, mostly Swedish, the eatery was well known for its minimalist decor and mouth-watering delights.

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    Italian wine epicurean journey

    Life, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 26/04/2019

    » Marino Braccu, general manager and sommelier of three-Michelin-starred 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong will host an Italian wine dinner and masterclass at Uno Mas, Centara Grand, CentralWorld on May 2-3.

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    Big city greens

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 22/02/2019

    » Bangkok, the urban concrete jungle, and its 'burbs are not known for its green... more for the lack of it. The parks in the city are, at the best of times, the only green relief city slickers have for any respite from the towering spaces. However, with the current pollution looming over the city, it has been difficult to spend much time outside. Fear not! To make sure we make the most of the outdoors once the smog has lifted, Guru has made a list of quaint places, new and old, to make sure you make the best of the sunshine and unadulterated air!

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    Skip the dairy

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 15/02/2019

    » Is there anything greater than mother's love? Yes, and it's taking mother's love a step further. With an infant who is allergic to cow milk and eggs, Pui Voranisarakul decided to go vegan as she was breast feeding. But she missed her desserts and this was the beginning for the plant-based ice cream Soin.

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    Lap of luxury

    Asia focus, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 07/01/2019

    » Vladislav Doronin is no stranger to the business world.

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    Forest-friendly tea

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 11/01/2019

    » Monsoon Tea opens its first teahouse in Bangkok in 101 The Third Place lifestyle complex at BTS Punnawithi on Jan 18. The teahouse will provide more than 50 teas for your drinking and buying pleasure. Visit

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