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    Choosing cheap Chinese Products over Thai jobs

    By needchange, Created on: 17/10/2010, Last updated on: 24/11/2015

    » Everyone knows the story of what has been happening in the US in terms of the trade deficit with China. If you go to Walmart, almost every product sold there comes from China. Walmart is America's biggest retailer if I'm correct. The trend is the same at many other retailers around the country. So...

    • drake commented : [quote="needchange":2pa5iwrz]This forum is taking all sorts of swings in all directions but that's no problem because it's all connected.[/quote:2pa5iwrz] Well, as long as it don't swing both ways I'm good..... [quote:2pa5iwrz] Back to the point about the state of product quality worldwide. It just seems to me that the idea of capitalism somehow doing for the rich today and latter supplying the same for the poor is no existant. As I said my grandparents house and the things they lived with were more durable and lasting than what is available today. The system seems to support new products and innovation but does not maintain the quality of products over time. Is this a general note about capitalism? [/quote:2pa5iwrz] Yes and no. Free Market Capitalism is about allowing the market to dictate the cost/quality/availability of goods while attempting to maintain the maximum profit. Price point is a big issue. The general public can not afford the quality goods so they the MFG creates something that the public can afford at the cost of quality of the product. A prime example would be the Ford Model T. Up to that time all automobiles were custom built and only a few can afford to buy one but the Model T changed that. You can't get the Model T with hand rubbed Mahogany dashboard, or with a factory color of anything other than black, or a V8. Those are the 'sacrifices in quality'. Not to say that the manufacturers today don't crank out 'pure cr*p' to peddle to the unsuspecting public in name of profit. That is not capitalism, it's someone defrauding the public for profit. It's not a new issue, just a larger manifestation of a condition of humanity. Caveat Emptor. [quote:2pa5iwrz]In Thailand, to me at least it seems a rarity that people including the government act on issues of quality.[/quote:2pa5iwrz] You can say that again. BUT where do we start ? Should we spend our personal effort to educate those who we come in to contact with or should we organize the community to go hassle the government to do the enforcement ? Uh, like we need more regulatory agency anywhere for any reason..... Ideally, I'm for teaching the people to be self sufficient. It's like picking produce at the market. If the ppl know how to reject the bad produce the vendor will eventually stop trying to peddle them because they don't make the sale. IT's no fault of the vendor if you picked the green ones and they are bitter but if everyone stop buying the green ones the vendor will have to bring something else better to sell to make a living. If ppl know how to select quality goods and chooses to do so then that will eventually force the vendor to change their supplier and improve the overall quality of the goods. No stinking govt. meddling required. Ideally, I said. Human nature prevails at the end. Do you buy a legit $25 DVD from an authorized vendor in Siam Paragon or the $1 version from a sidewalk stall that often dies after 3 days ?

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    By prnews, Created on: 28/06/2010, Last updated on: 28/06/2010

    » ICONIC RANGE ROVER TURNS 40  The Range Rover celebrates its 40th birthday on 17 June 2010  The Range Rover was the world's first fully capable luxury 4x4  There have been three generations of Range Rover: the original (Classic) in 1970, second-generation (P38a) in 1994 and third-generation...

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