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    Remaking a difference

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 17/06/2019

    » Thailand's beaches and idyllic waters continue to attract visitors from far and wide. But with more and more debris washing up on its shores, the scale of the environmental crisis threatening Thailand's marine and coastal resources becomes ever more apparent. Urgent action is needed. Thankfully, some local groups are taking matters into their own hands, often in creative and surprising ways.


    When the gibbons call

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 13/06/2019

    » The call of gibbons was louder when we went further inside the forest area of Mo Singto in Khao Yai National Park, which covers 2,165km² in four provinces in the central and northeastern regions.


    The magnificence of the Mughals

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 02/05/2019

    » As the first rays of light began to illuminate the Taj Mahal, the stunning white marble mausoleum seems to change colour to light yellow. It is a breathtaking sight that dozens of visitors, including the writer and her travel companions, try to capture on camera.


    Not a high crime

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 24/04/2019

    » At the age of 71, Daycha Siripatra needs no eyeglasses. His nearsightedness and astigmatism are things of the past. His hands that once showed an early sign of Parkinson's disease have no tremor. He says his brain, which once began to deteriorate, is now sharp.


    Love and devotion

    B Magazine, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 14/04/2019

    » Stacks of long bamboo poles are placed on the ground at Wat Wang Wiwekaram, a famous temple built by the revered late abbot Luang Pho Uttama. The temple is located in a Mon village in Sangkhla Buri district, on the Thailand-Myanmar border in Kanchanaburi province.


    Misty mornings

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 04/04/2019

    » Roosters crowed an hour before dawn. Since every family in the hilly village of Ban Huay Tong Kor (also spelled Ban Huai Tong Ko) in Mae Hong Son raised chickens, the cry was pretty loud and seemed to be nonstop. It could wake up even those drunk on local rice wine from the night before.


    Take a leaf

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 06/03/2019

    » In the factory grounds of the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) in Pathum Thani's Thanyaburi district, stands an ordinary two-storey building. Small, old and fairly nondescript, it is nevertheless guarded around the clock and equipped with a security system. This is because its upper floor is a restricted zone where the first lot of 140 cannabis plants will be grown for R&D and medical purposes.


    Mystical ties

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 28/02/2019

    » Before the Sun rose over the Pattani River, one community in the city of Pattani were widely awake or perhaps didn't sleep from the night before. The old quarter was known as Chinatown Pattani. Last Tuesday, it was crowded with thousands of people from many parts of the country as well as visitors from Malaysia. They came to join the annual celebration of Chao Mae Lim Ko Nieo, the revered Chinese goddess.


    Seeds of the revolution

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 21/02/2019

    » Fluttering flags of Thailand and Vietnam can be seen from afar while driving on Road 115 to Ban Dong, in Muang district.


    The sky's the limit

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 04/02/2019

    » Despite her title as the world's youngest female drone champion, Wanraya Wannapong doesn't like being in the spotlight. Even with all eyes and cameras on her as she mounts the winning podium holding first prize, she keeps her poker face.

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