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    Sukhumvit highway impassable in Trat, Koh Chang flood drains

    Gary Boyle, Published on 16/09/2019

    » TRAT: Flooding caused by heavy rain has drained off Koh Chang but continued to disrupt life in Muang district, where a section of Sukhumvit Highway was still impassable, on Monday.


    Chinese tour guide worked 15 years with illegal Thai ID card

    Gary Boyle, Published on 04/10/2019

    » A Chinese woman who illegally held a Thai ID card and worked as a tour guide for over 15 years has been arrested.


    Air filters for schools as city haze worsens

    Gary Boyle, Published on 02/10/2019

    » The Ministry of Education will deliver the first batch of air purifiers to 37 state schools in Bangkok within the next two weeks to combat the rising levels of PM2.5.


    Loud bangs at BTS station, other areas in Bangkok

    Gary Boyle, Published on 02/08/2019

    » Loud bangs were heard near a skytrain station and at least three other areas in Bangkok on Friday morning, with two people confirmed injured on Rama 9 Road.


    Bomb scare briefly closes Bangkok road

    Gary Boyle, Published on 02/08/2019

    » Police temporarily closed the inbound section of Rama I Road outside their headquarters on Thursday after a security camera captured a man dropping a suspicious object at the fence.

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    A Bizarro birthday party

    Life, Gary Boyle, Published on 10/07/2019

    » If you're a fan of British indie band The Wedding Present, you'll have bought their debut album, George Best, back in 1987. And if you bought the follow-up, Bizarro, you did so 30 years ago, an anniversary the band are celebrating with a special Bangkok show next Monday.

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    Stay silly

    Life, Gary Boyle, Published on 10/04/2019

    » Depending on your age and sensibility, you either found Tom Green's comedy utterly hilarious or unfathomably puerile. His eponymous show, which ran on MTV from 1999, saw this gangly Canadian out to annoy the population of North America, sticking his camera in people's faces and doing dumb stunts, thereby providing a blueprint for the Jackass boys and a generation of foolish YouTubers.

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    No offence

    Life, Gary Boyle, Published on 22/01/2019

    » You'll be familiar with Jim Jefferies' schtick. He's the archetypal Aussie bloke, unconcerned with politically correct ways to address hot-button topics. His rants wrong-foot you with boozy observations that crystallise into astute commentary on modern society, like he's some kind of pub savant.

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    The View's frontman cleans up and grows up

    Life, Gary Boyle, Published on 05/10/2018

    » What happens when a group of rambunctious Scottish musicians are given a record deal while still in their teens and then score a hit with their first album? Indie popsters The View fell willingly for the clichés of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, and threw themselves into a life of boozy mayhem.

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    Anger is an energy

    Life, Gary Boyle, Published on 17/08/2018

    » It takes Trent Reznor 45 minutes to say hello. He voices his surprise that it's taken his band Nine Inch Nails nearly 30 years to do a show in Thailand. They almost made it in 2014 for the aborted Silverlake Festival in Pattaya, cancelled due to the volatile political climate, so there was no small amount of anticipation ahead of their show at Bangkok's packed Moonstar Studio on Tuesday night.

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