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  • News & article

    Pot heads of the surfing gods

    Spectrum, Luke Hunt, Published on 29/12/2013

    » For some, it was the time of their lives. Chasing double overhead barrels along the exotic surf beaches of Bali, where a few dollars would buy an abundance of marijuana and a lifestyle that was the stuff of big wave legends.

  • News & article

    Asean hazed by self-Interest

    Spectrum, Luke Hunt, Published on 08/09/2013

    » The dreaded haze has made an unwanted return across large swathes of Southeast Asia and for the second time this season politicians have been found desperately wanting in their inability to find a solution to the horrible haze which is costing the region billions of dollars.

  • News & article

    Youthful daring challenges the status quo and dirty tricks

    Spectrum, Luke Hunt, Published on 28/07/2013

    » Throughout Cambodia's election campaign the politically outgunned opposition has put in an astonishing performance. Fuelled by youthful exuberance, flash mobs of up to 3,000 form and trumpet the virtues of change as supporters ride in twos, threes and fours, through the capital on motorbikes.

  • News & article

    2012 - When Asean felt Beijing's bite

    Spectrum, Luke Hunt, Published on 30/12/2012

    » Twenty-twelve should be remembered as the year in which China acted on its long-standing claims in the South China Sea, took off the gloves and arraigned its intimidating military and diplomatic arsenal against its neighbours to the south. Gone were the usual glib lines that China only gives foreign aid and soft loans to countries in need, with no strings attached. Cambodia _ for years a benefactor of Beijing's largesse _ was bullied onto China's political front lines, acting as a spoiler against fellow Asean countries attempting to forge a united front against Beijing's territorial and maritime ambitions.

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