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    Friend stabs buddy over 5 baht

    Chaiwat Satyaem, Published on 10/10/2014

    » A quarrel between drinking buddies over five baht landed one friend in the hospital with stab wounds to his back and stomach.

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    Suspect in Danish rape arrested

    Online Reporters, Published on 06/10/2014

    » CHON BURI – A man jailed for nearly seven years for attempted murder has been arrested for allegedly raping a Danish tourist near Pattaya.

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    Abbot urges speedy end to temple row

    News, Lamphai Intathep, Published on 30/08/2014

    » Wat Sa Ket abbot Phra Phromsuthi has begged the public and media to stop its criticisms over a temple scandal.

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    Victim handcuffed before nasty attack

    Published on 18/09/2013

    » A Thai man screamed for assistance after he was handcuffed and muffled with a t-shirt over his head before being bundled into a car where he was robbed of jewelry worth 5,000 baht. Worapol Mayer, 32, said he was drinking with friends when several strangers approached and kidnapped him; his drinking companions had not lifted a finger to help him. The victim had to make his own way home after being dumped on Sukhumvit Road. He added that he had worked as a photographer for many years and had no enemies.

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    Tourism needs clear direction from above

    Published on 19/09/2013

    » The government’s plan to achieve 2.2 trillion baht in tourism revenue in 2015 depends on clear action and policies, according to tourism-related experts. Dr. Naligatibhak Sangsanit, head of DASTA (Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration), said that simply relying on bigger numbers doesn’t necessarily lead to bigger revenue on the scale anticipated.

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    Illegal cash collectors threaten police

    Published on 12/09/2013

    » A dozen men were questioned by traffic police as they appeared to be illegally collecting money for parking tickets near the Dolphin Roundabout. The going rate was 60 baht but there was no choice for drivers as some members of the gang behaved aggressively. Officer Somsri Sima was forced to radio for assistance as the gang refused to disperse and told him to mind his own business. When 20 police reinforcements arrived on the scene, the gang fled. However four were taken into custody and all tested positive for drugs. It is believed the ringleader of the parking scam was Sanrak Meesuta who had a large number of parking tickets.

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    Iranian bullies detained

    Published on 14/09/2013

    » Police on Walking Street arrested a group of six Iranians accused of attacking a fellow national. The victim reported a sore head and damaged mouth. No particular reason for the assault was established. The culprits agreed to pay for emergency medical costs of 3,000 baht, but then admitted that they did not have enough money. Eventually, one gang member produce enough to cover the bin and police allowed all six to go free.

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    Foreigners strain Thai hospitals

    Published on 20/08/2013

    » Yet another report, this time from 7News Corporation in Australia, is complaining that public hospitals in Thailand face increasing financial burdens as more and more Australians, mostly male and under 30, are travelling without proper insurance. One public hospital in Phuket says last year there was an accumulation of 4 million baht in unpaid debts. Public hospitals tend to become dumping grounds for sick foreigners who cannot afford to pay the high tariffs in top-notch private institutions. A similar story was reported by public hospitals in Chonburi Province last year. The government reportedly is looking at imposing compulsory insurance packages for all expats and tourists to Thailand, although the complexity of the detail is said to be stalling implementation. One obvious problem is that elderly tourists and expats may be excluded from becoming insured because of pre-existing conditions or prohibitively-expensive premiums.

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    Warning about Thai tourism

    Published on 03/09/2013

    » The Thai Chamber of Commerce has warned that Thailand is in danger of losing out to Malaysia and Singapore in the battle to attract tourists. Aat Pisanwanich, a director, said that other ASEAN countries had improved their tourist and hospitality profiles while Thailand appeared to be standing still. “Foreign visitors are less satisfied than they once were with the Siamese Smile,” he said whilst adding that some front-line staff tended to look displeased. He suggested that the service industry in Thailand  should concentrate on improving staff attitudes or risk losing many visitors in the future. Other suggestions were to improve the language skills of staff, not only in English but in Japanese and Chinese as well. If these improvements were made, the Chamber concluded, Thailand could well draw up to 34 million tourists a year by the end of this decade with their revenue of 1.65 trillion baht contributing over 11 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. Currently Malaysia attracts slightly more than the 22 million visitors to Thailand at 25 million with Singapore next at 14 million.

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    New attack on nominee loopholes

    Published on 05/09/2013

    » The office of the Ombudsman is seeking new legislation to prevent foreigners illegally owning land via Thai nominees. Under the proposed legislation, foreigners would face long terms of imprisonment or fines up to two million baht for trying to hide their purchase of land. Those found holding Thai papers illegally might be allowed up to a year to transfer the plots to legitimate entities. The current loopholes are said to be mainly setting up registered companies with a 51:49 Thai-foreign ownership or by marrying a Thai. There is a suspicion that many plots of land are illegally owned by Thais in mainland Thailand and on the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui. At the moment land ownership deals are not public information, leading to suspicious transactions by Thais and foreigners alike. Critics say that there is no reason for new laws. What’s needed is strict enforcement of existing legislation including the anti-money laundering rules and the notoriously lax tax laws on property transactions.

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