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    Communicate with your heart, not your head

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 04/05/2017

    » Communication is an essential part of working life. Human beings communicate through both verbal expression and body language. Listening attentively and being engaged with others are vital to success. The way one takes part in a discussion tells others whether he or she is drawing near or not. One who lends an ear draws near, as the saying goes. By drawing near, one clearly knows, comprehends and realises one's quality.


    Maintaining growth with effective innovation

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 06/04/2017

    » Since human beings are always looking for new things in life, businesses should be very good at offering new products and services as well. The great dramatist George Bernard Shaw summed up the quest for the new this way: "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."


    Handling talented but difficult people

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 03/11/2016

    » In any team, it is typical to have one person who moves faster than the others and one who always lags behind. This usually causes no harm to team performance unless the "faster" one tends to take control even if he or she is not an official leader of the team. On the other hand, it will be troublesome if there are too many slow movers.


    Seven steps to working in harmony

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 25/08/2016

    » 'Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative," the writer HG Wells once said. However, what happens to employees or executives who have made great contributions to an organisation in the past but cannot adjust quickly enough to the new environment of the competitive battleground? Should we let them go?


    Executive coaching for a real transformation

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 05/09/2013

    » Executive coaching is a management technique to help unleash and optimise an executive's potential by means of self-discovery. The coach raises an issue, asks a question and allows the subject to find the answer by himself or herself. The basic ingredients of effective coaching are a mindset to see the subject become a better person, listening skills, asking the right questions, and delivering honest feedback.


    Inclusiveness as a management approach

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 13/06/2013

    » 'Thai people should be more active participants in the international arena such as under the Asean platform and look forward to career expansion beyond traditional borders," says Subhasakdi Krishnamra, the outgoing chairman of Deloitte Southeast Asia.


    Know when to move, Know when to hold

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 10/01/2013

    » 'A leader should know when to move forward aggressively in order to grasp the business opportunity first. The upside of this 'first mover' strategy is the advantage over one's competitors. However, if we miss the mark, we also have to pay the price which sometimes can cost us a fortune," says Takon Tawintermsup.


    Talent Pool: How five friends built the modernform empire

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 01/11/2012

    » More than 40 years ago, four young men met for the first time at Assumption Commerce College in Bangkok. They teamed up again in 1991 with another friend they had met while studying in the United States to establish a furniture business. Two decades later, all five are still playing leading roles at Modernform Group, one of Thailand's largest furniture manufacturers and exporters.


    Preserving the legend, Growing internationally

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 04/10/2012

    » 'My management philosophy is based on the same principles held by my mother, Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui: Whatever we do, we have to be sure that it's the right thing to do. It must be based on the right principles. We must keep our word and promises since our name and reputation are important," says Chanin Donavanik, chief executive of the hotel group Dusit International.


    'Straight from the shoulder' Leadership

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 19/04/2012

    » 'It is a mandatory that our people know what our business is. Where does the money, which has to be returned to shareholders, come from? What are our revenue streams? How can we ensure smooth operations and an increase in revenue? Top management, especially the ones next to the CEO, must know the exact answers to these questions. Those at lower levels should know them in broad terms," says Sahust Pratuknukul, the president of Electricity Generating Plc (Egco).

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