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    Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 28/01/2008, Last updated on: 05/02/2014

    » The advertising board on the way to Airport is shown "Foreigner Zone.. Buying house (somewhere around Bangkok..) Foreigner, with Special Price!!" I know the property company may want to attract foreigners to invest in property in Thailand. But, what about Thais who also want to own the...

    • sym commented : Lastly, Thailand is quite different in relation to some of its neighbors in its attitudes towards tourism and foreigners. It feels very international in the tourist areas and you get the impression that Thailand is just some kind of "tourist theme park", not just for westerners but equally for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and even Arab tourists. You also get the sense of Thais not only sometimes treating foreigners better than locals (and sometimes either charging foreigners more, or occassionally less than Thais depending on the service) but also I do concur with the poster who mentioned that some motorcycle rental shops won't rent motorcycles out to Thais on the presumption that the Thais will either steal, or more likely, deface the bike and thus require either a hefty deposit to insure against that risk, or not rent it out to them altogether. Again, the point is not whether or not this is true. It is a stereotype, but even if there is some truth to it, you can not lump everyone into one group. So therefore discrimination can occur both towards the locals or foreigners. The best way I have of dealing with official dual pricing is by not using those services; other people may deal with it in different ways. Let's face it, we don't need to go to national parks, just go to some public beach or some other scenic spot outside of a national park instead and you won't have to pay anything and you'll probably have just as much fun. As for temples...whether you are interested in praying or not, I would say give the Grand Palace a miss since it's too touristy anyways (as grand and opulent as it may be) and head for smaller, local temples that don't charge any entrance fees. Make a donation of any amount (as Thais would do) and you'll feel much better and will be making a contribution to the local temple rather than a place that feels it needs to charge you extra for looking different. Also, it would help if national parks etc. at least asked for ID to verify a person's nationality. Not all tourists in Thailand are visible foreigners such as farang, believe it or not, even Vietnamese travel to Thailand as tourists! But one time when I went to a national park,even though I was speaking Thai with the rangers, but I went with my Vietnamese friend who was sleeping in my car and he got charged the local price, but not me!! I therefore felt even more violated given that I can speak Thai (and was resident in Thailand at the time, but my friend was simply a tourist) and yet he was afforded the same price as locals simply because he looks "similar." Anyone else know if they actually check people's IDs, say at the Grand Palace to verify nationality and therefore entitlement to lower or free admission? I mean, there are plenty of non-Thai Asians visiting the Grand Palace each day, so I wonder how they are dealt with; otherwise it would almost be a race issue if they were given locals prices for looking local and farang are not, despite perhaps being resident in the country.

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    Market segmentation or price discrimination

    By bitchnomore, Created on: 16/02/2009, Last updated on: 09/05/2009

    » I find that there is a lot of farangs here who are complaining about double pricing standards here in Thailand where they have to pay the often more expensive "tourist rate" rather than the "local rate". They should simply stop bitching, period. Why? 1. If you open your big...

    • DKO commented : you then lose their families admission fees with theirs and the vendors at the various locations will lose substantial business, hotels may also lose business due to fewer foreign visitors to some National Park locations 5. Hasn't the Military coup, the PAD with its airport closures and the Word Financial Crisis not done enough damage to Thai tourism and attraction venues without Thailand harming itself further with short sighted foreigner pricing policies. Can Thailand afford less tourists and visitors. Thailand is not the only desirable destination in South east Asia. If you are one of these people who think Thailand can be an "island" in the current World and need nobody, then think again . We all need each other including the Genuine British Isles. Your comment 3. about Ayutthaya is not a large extra to pay but you are being highly selective as in many places we can be talking about 100 or 200 Baht or more difference. Once again maybe you should do some research. Additionally you cannot morally justify higher charges for foreigners (base don jealousy) just [u:r5l50kzf]because they may have higher living standards[/u:r5l50kzf]. You do not know which do and which do not have higher living standards. What about all the foreigners who come from lower living standard countries than Thailand should they pay less than Thais? Please do not suggest they would not be here as they cannot afford to come, as that would just be a cop out on what I am saying. Maybe you would like a different charge for each country's residents based upon their standard of living? Maybe a means test questionnaire at each venue. Where do you pay your taxes? where do you work? do you earn more money than most Thais do? I joke but the point is valid where do you stop? Its also about time many Thais stopped this fantasy view that all Farangs are rich. Many cannot afford holidays for many years and have huge home mortgages and taxes. Do you know "bitchnomore" how much it costs for 2 spouses to fly to Thailand from Europe or the US before they even start to try to visit your dual tariff parks and attractions? I suggest you check it out coz it costs them BIG TIME Your comment 4. is YOU suggesting the ticket collectors are 'racist" if they go by colour of skin alone and many Farangs will tell you speaking Thai will not help with a cheaper rate one little bit coz we are still foreigners and the "tourist" rate payable. I wonder what my stepson son will have to pay. Father a farang (mother Thai),who saw him once and my stepson is THAI and only speaks Thai but he looks like a Farang (except his very Thai eyes that Thais do not often notice). Bet he would not be accepted as a Thai until he gets a Thai ID card at the appropriate age. In you intention to protect this lovely country and its people I feel your views do the reverse in reality, causing more negatives than positives. I say this as a Foreigner living here with my Thai wife and stepson and as a person who now considers Thailand as home and only wishes the best for Thailand and its people. May I suggest the you stick with your own alias yourself and bitchnomore . "People in glass houses" comes to mind!

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    Learningpost, Published on 05/01/2010

    » Science for kids

  • News & article

    That will do nicely, sir

    Learningpost, Steve Graham, Published on 09/03/2010

    » Not a month goes by without another education bribery or corruption story hitting the presses. Graft in education is not new, and it is prevalent in many countries, not just in Thailand. By putting several stories together, I can see how attractive it must be for unscrupulous educators.

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    Phawothai Local Museum

    Palaces & historical sites, Suan Phueng, Ratburi

    Price : N/A, Posted on 18/10/2010

    » Phawothai Local Museum consists of two Thai-style houses set in a pleasant garden, displaying a collection of ancient artefacts. There is a small admission fee of 20 baht. Visitors should note that the museum is open only on Saturdays, Sundays and pu

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    Economic Unity of ASEAN in 2015 – How will it affect to Thai

    By prnews, Created on: 15/11/2010, Last updated on: 15/11/2010

    » [b:2wxqkug3]Thai-Japanese Association In-cooperation with Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok have great pleasure of inviting you to a special luncheon talk “Economic Unity of ASEAN in 2015 – How will it affect to Thailand and private sectors?” by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary-General...

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    Pong Dueat Hot Spring

    Nature & wilderness, Pai, Mae Hong Son

    Price : N/A, Posted on 13/03/2011

    » The Pong Dueat Hot Spring is located in the Huai Nam Dang National Park in Pai. Because it is in a national park, you will have to pay an admission fee to get in. The spring's geysers themselves are in the middle of a forested area, high up on a

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    Bribes for seats in prestigious Bangkok schools

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 08/06/2011

    » Bribes for admission to prestigious schools doubled, hidden by untransparent "substituted seat" system. Only 40% of schools following no bribe policy.

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    His Majesty the King to make birthday appearance

    Published on 30/11/2011

    » His Majesty the King will make a public appearance on his 84th birthday, the highlight of this year's celebrations. Photo courtesy of CM organiser public company.

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    Kaeng Krachan in the mist

    Life, Pichaya Svasti, Published on 06/01/2012

    » The Tourism Authority of Thailand Phetchaburi Office invites all to enjoy the cool weather on misty mountains in Kaeng Krachan district, Phetchaburi. Interesting activities include:

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