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    Dining Highlights at Iconsiam

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 11/01/2019

    » Iconsiam gives city slickers plenty of reasons to cross the Chao Phraya River. Besides its retail extravaganza of well-known brands and architectural wonders and art, Iconsiam's dining options across seven zones are impressive, too. I ate my way through them to give you some highlights.

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    Horror holiday

    Published on 09/05/2016

    » There’s good news for fans of the popular horror comedy franchise Buppha Rahtree, as famous director Yuthalert Sippapak is bringing the spooky legend back to life in Buppha Arigato.

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    Say hello to 'Buppha Arigato'

    B Magazine, Duangkamol Panya, Published on 01/05/2016

    » Buppha Arigato is meant to send a chill down the spines of the audience, but it also did that for the cast and crew. On location in Japan, the temperature was well below freezing as they went about filming a scene on a ski slope.

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    Not the usual fare

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 19/10/2018

    » Two idiosyncratic filmgoing options for fans of Thai cinema — one classic, one contemporary

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    GL chief disavows price manipulation

    Business, Nuntawun Polkuamdee, Published on 10/06/2017

    » Group Lease Plc (GL) chairman and chief executive Mitsuji Konoshita says the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has ordered him to pay a fine over alleged share price manipulation in Wedge Holdings Co Ltd, but he is in the process of seeking a court ruling to overturn the order.

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    Eternal star

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 23/11/2016

    » Three years after making her screen debut, in a soap opera in 2010, Davika "Mai" Hoorne was known to Thai audiences as nang ake pun larn -- the billion-baht leading lady -- from the mega-success of her 2013 film Pee Mak Phra Khanong. Since then, she has become a fixture on the screen, with period melodrama Plae Kao (The Scar) in 2014, a modest hit, and the oddball Freelance Harm Puay Harm Pak Harm Rak Mor (Heart Attack) last year, which raked in over 90 million baht at the box office.

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    Buppa's back for another instalment of fun

    Life, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 29/04/2016

    » Buppa Arigato is the new film by Yuthlert Sippapak after a couple of years in hiatus. This is the latest in the Buppa series, a well-known horror film that began with Buppa Ratree in 2003. Mixing ghost stories with comedy and even feminism, the film focuses on the story of Buppa, a woman who commits suicide in her apartment after she's betrayed by her lover. She then becomes a vengeful spirit that haunts people in the apartment.

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    Stories of surgical precision

    Life, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 25/05/2015

    » Despite having busy careers in medicine, two physicians based at Bangkok Hospital have made a name for themselves penning novels. Dr Pongsakorn Chindawatana discovered his flair for writing from the age of seven, while Dr Kudkanang Mingmitpattanakul began plotting stories after the birth of her second child.

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    TAT to organise T-POP Festival 2015

    Published on 30/04/2015

    » The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is organising the T-POP Festival 2015: Thailand Music Festival from May 22-23 at Ram Ratchaniwet (Ban Puen Palace) in Phetchaburi province, with the objective of boosting tourism.

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    Why do ONLY foreigners get special promotion?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 28/01/2008, Last updated on: 05/02/2014

    » The advertising board on the way to Airport is shown "Foreigner Zone.. Buying house (somewhere around Bangkok..) Foreigner, with Special Price!!" I know the property company may want to attract foreigners to invest in property in Thailand. But, what about Thais who also want to own the...

    • fast eddy commented : her'. You can't be serious! Japan is an extremely rascist country I lived there full time for five years and my brother over 20 years and friends are getting up to their quarter century of living there full time! The word you need to use is xenophopic with a capital X! You must have seen the big black buses crawling around the center of Tokyo! These huge buses are draped in the rising sun flag with blacked out windows and manned by extreme right wing Japs dressed in black - belowing through loud speakers that all Japan's woes are caused by foreigners and that they should all be kicked out! Somebody pointed out that Thailand is not really a budhist country and is basically animist with a smatering of hindu. I would agree with this - you only have to look at the rush to buy into the special medalions produced in Nakon Sii Thammarat last year to understand how supersticious the Thais are. They even get their lottery numbers from looking at trees and (get this) pigs! I have no problem with this whatsoever as the cub Kao lady (the mobile shop) in my village in Nonthaburi won the lottery twice by such non-scientific methods. What was annoying was that she bought a ticket numbered the same as my wife's motorbike registration (which she had seen in her dream the night before) and won. Not only that but a few months later she saw the registration of my pick-up truck in a dream and won again!! Thais do sometimes suffer from the 'special prices' though. An example that springs to mind is the special prices promted by some five star hotels and resorts which have deals for tourists but not for the natives. I have read of this a number of times over the years but having said that they get their own back by charging higher prices at other resorts for tourists when compared to natives - see! You've got to get yourself into the trading chain somehow or you will forever end up the victim For as a Jewish friend of mine once said, 'Why did God invent Gentiles? Someone has to pay retail!!' cheers Fast Eddy

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