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    Pre-Marital Sex. - Part I.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 18/06/2003, Last updated on: 26/04/2007

    » Hello Mr. Rooster ; I moved this discussion to this more appropriate thread. Mr. Rooster wrote : "People are like animals, and their sexual drives will involve some types of pre-marital sex. So prostitution will be there to provide needed service. " The sexual urge is indeed extraordinarily powerful,...

    • Anonymous commented : versity School of Medicine in Japan, commented that "isolation" was behind the recent surge in suicides by middle-aged men in that country." Awake! October 22, 2001. "When someone is alone with his problem, then he usually sees it as disproportionately large and unsolvable." Bela Buda, Hungarian health official. Human beings were never designed to be alone, particularly with all the pressures of modern living. Is it possible that many of these tragic suicides could have been prevented if the person had a soul mate? It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from emotional pain, and therefore try to prevent them from bonding. But these are the results. "A recent survey in Britian indicated that when children are subjected to severe bullying, they are nearly seven times as likely to attempt suicide. The emotional pain that that these children suffer is real. A 13 year old boy who hanged himself left behind a note naming five people who had tormented him and had even extorted money from him. "Please save other children," he wrote." - Awake! October 22, 2001. Wow. How tragically sad for the boy, his parents, his friends and relatives, and all of us too. Not minimizing the obvious question of why our society is spawning bulleys, we can never know if this poor boy would have committed suicide if he had a soul mate to share his problems. Then the other question begging to be asked is would this bullying even have taken place if the five named bulleys had THEIR soul mates to hopefully provide a little stabilizing influence? We think we have all the answers while our society silently crumbles around us undetected. Cheers!!

    • Anonymous commented : uddhist Promoting Foundation, Japan. So everyone please feel free to correct me if I am wrong about anything. "The parents should do five things for their children : - avoid doing evil, set an example of good deeds, give them an education, arrange for their marriage, and let them inherit the family wealth at the proper time. If the parents and child follow these rules the family will always live in peace." pp 214. "Third, people should respect old customs and not change them unreasonably, and they should also observe the rules of ceremony and maintain justice." pp. 230 Friends, makes sense to me. My book on the teachings of Budda does not specifically say for the parents to arrange marriage at puberty, but apparently this is what Thailand has been doing for a very long time. "Or students' sex: ``Look at the history, at what age did a Thai girl want to have a husband in the past? When she had her first period! The system of modern education teaches that virginity should be protected until university graduation, and if a woman chooses to lose it before we panic because we think it's such a big problem." - Outspoken writer Lakhana Punvichai in Bangkok Post Real Time, March 28, 2003. "She says men fear her. She says they try to stay away from her free-spoken radius of tough thoughts and liberal lucidity. Now we hear her think, we watch her unravel, and ah, we say those men don't know what they are missing." Sadly, Ms. Lakhana attempts to legitimize casual student sex by comparing student sex to marrying your soul mate and life's partner when you are young. They are not the same at all. For my feelings on this teaching, see my 'Background Info' post. Yes, I am afraid of her, and yes, I do know what I am missing. Cheers!!!

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    Does thai society accept intermarriages?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 19/09/2003, Last updated on: 09/05/2006

    » The thai men that are undesirable are usually uneducated ones who try to get through life by being sleazy. This is why alot of thai women are turned off by marrying a thai man. Typical thai males are fairly unambitious, narrow-minded, and judgemental. I think that its the society that is teaching...

    • Anonymous commented : Oh, we should take a took at Japan - how Japan modernized their education system? - during the advance of Western Imperialism era. Many foreign educated Thai men left to Thailand for high education for various of this reason is admission process. Rich families are able to send their children abroad, and poor families ended up without education. If you think carefully, how can anyone determine a person potential by giving them written examinations. It is so backward; it is the same season for the decline of confucianism. Recently, I have been conducting my own experiment by testing my hypothesis from the know statistic. As from my previous posting, the computer usages by Thai female to male ratio is 2:1. This is due to different factors beside education. Computer is a easiest way for Thai women to reach out to the world or to foreign men. To make this short, I tested 4 websites with Thai women posting their pictures and profiles looking for friendships. I got all positive hits or good invitions when I portraying myself as foreign men, and negative reception as Thai man. All of these women or girls are looking for foreign men with only few of them having any knowledge of these countries and people. I only found one exception girl who is looking for Thai man; she is a 21 years old Thai-Chinese girl. I tested the women and girls in the age group between 16 to 30 years old. I have more than one women telling me that they hated Thai men. Of course, I did not ask them why...tried not to review myself to them. I think that it is very sad...Thai culture and Thai men is in decline and an endangered specie. We are bring breed out of our land by foreigners with the help from our women. What do Thai men have to hope for in their women?

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    getting divorced my mail.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 13/06/2004, Last updated on: 22/01/2008

    » I am Thai woman. I got married American about 1 and half years ago in Thailand. Now I want to get divorced and he doesn't want to fly here to give me divorced. He would like me to send him money for the ticket, hotel and food for a week in Thailand. And that will cost me alot of money. I have talked...

    • Anonymous commented : - such as in the West, Japan, Singapore, S.Korea, Taiwan, etc. - the bride is more likely to marry you as an equal. She's already well educated, with money, etc.

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    RE: My Mom doesn't Like Farangs

    By Anonymous, Created on: 07/12/2004, Last updated on: 19/09/2007

    » Your mom is right baby. Most farangs could'nt be entrusted. They consider your country as a backyard brothel that should yield to all their queer demands and nature. They look for cheap sex and free service. Sex that act on the woman as if she were a sex tool that responds automatically without resistance....

    • Anonymous commented : his own people? How long did Japan hesitate before also killing millions of Chinese and tens of thousands of Thais, Phillipinos and Indonesians? What abot Pol Pot, the Kmer Rouge, North Veitnam or the Taliban? I do not remember any of them hesitating. How about the Sudan right now? Ugandan, Idi Amin, murdered on a whim. The Rowandan massacres were carried out in a mad rush.

    • Anonymous commented : hem through movies. Chinese, Japanese, and Indian movies are showing on regular TV stations more often than foreign movies like European movies. Thai children are watching Japanese cartoons and action heroes on TV. Marshal art movies from Japan and HK are popular in cities. Indian musical movies are from Baliwood. Farang movies are mostly come from Hollywood. So farang images are coming mostly out of American movies with fast foods, fast cars, fast women, and fast guns.

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    Solar Power

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/03/2005, Last updated on: 31/03/2015

    » I dont understand why Thailand is not using the sun which is there 365 days/year. Can anybody tell me ? I am in the process of building a house but when it comes to solar energy i might have to import myself to only then be confronted with a high import tax on such products. And that while closing...

    • hawaiiman commented : en or steam explosion like in Japan and no chance of meltdown like Chernobyl. It recycles it's own fuel, so instead of 5-7% utilization like current plants, it uses above 99%, so no long term waste. Fuel is Thoreum which is common in the earths crust, and doesn't require the whole centrifuge complication to purify it (chemical rather than isatopic purification). So why didn't we go with it? The powers at the time were into making nuclear bombs and it is no good for that, unlike the systems we see today. Why don't we change now? GE and other heavy hitters make a good chunk of change selling nuclear fuel. Who is smart enough to do it? Chine (yup) sent a team to Oak Ridge and copied the existing files from the previous reactor and research. They will have first plants online in less than 5 years. With wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, you have to put the plant where the source is, then power lines to where the users are. Line loss 10%. LFTR can be small plants near the users.' Nuff said

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    More Chinese Should Marry Thai

    By Anonymous, Created on: 28/07/2006, Last updated on: 13/10/2006

    » Given the increasingly close friendly economic relations between the two countries, why should n't more Chinese should be allowed to marry Thais ?

    • Anonymous commented : Thai farm boys. Better yet, Japanese farmers need wives and are unabled to marry urban Japanese girls. So more Thai urban Chinese girls need to go to Japan first since the living conditions there are much better than in PRC. Like the Thai-Chinese governor in the far Southern Thailand said, "everyone should have try some Chinese girls." He has commented about the redlight district in his governing province, which serving local and Malaysian customers beside other foreigners. These Chinese brothels appearancely imported in Chinese girls from PRC and elsewhere.

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    Chainese Thai customs, meeting parents, etc.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 08/11/2006, Last updated on: 03/09/2007

    » Dear all, I am a foreigner legally working in Thailand for the past 3 years. Right now I am dating a Chinese-Thai girl whom I like very, very, very much. People - including this girl - tell me that Chinese-Thai culture is rather different in many ways from Thai culture. She is a "Proper"...

    • Anonymous commented : tradition of China, Korea and Japan. These three countries regard it very much Shameful to their society if son or daughter marry foreigners, especially farang. They regard especially local woman carrying farang or mixed blood children, as 'prostitute' who gave body at money. Because through farang invasion into China, USA occupation of Japan, Korean war, they saw it by their own eyes. They avoid absolutely marrying African, Arab, Indian and south eastern asians whose complexion is deeply darkened. Three countries people in inter-marrying among them is not regarded cross-marriage and even today many millions of marriage are existant, in Shanghai, Manjuria, Seoul, Busan, Tokyo, Osaka or any part of this region. Today they accept northern Vietnamese man and woman because they are racially similar. However they avoid marrying Thai man and woman although there are some common-law relations seen but they do not take the Luk Geung (children with Thai wife) back to their own country but raise in Thailand. Auther here, I believe your marriage certainly have problem within three years, with many reason. Be careful.

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    Do I have to be physically present to marry a Thai woman in Thailand?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 23/01/2007, Last updated on: 24/01/2007

    » I met a girl about 4 months ago on the internet. We talked through voice chat almost every night. Finally, 2 weeks ago I went to Thailand to visit her. We spent 2 weeks traveling in Thailand. While I was there I helped her apply for a tourist visa for Japan (where I live). I provided a mini-novel...

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