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    Breaking bad news

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 27/01/2017

    » Now that 2016 is finally over, we can rest assured that all the bull**** and f**kery it brought with it will never be repeated. Right? RIGHT?! Bleh, who knows what the future has in store for us. Let's face it, this time last year the thought of Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States probably made you spit out your coffee or, if you're a hipster, choke on your kale juice. But then again, never say never, right?


    Ready for take off

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 12/08/2016

    » Ever wondered what that bright blue track by Suvarnabhumi Airport is for? Why, it's the only unobstructed bike track that's (sort of) in Bangkok, of course.


    Sugar, ice and everything nice

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 01/04/2016

    » Good news, people. The National Research Department of All Delicious Things That Are Apparently Bad For You has made a new scientific discovery: low-calorie diets are actually bad for you. It is, in fact, better to consume fatty, sugary, carb-loaded foods, such as doughnuts, ice cream cake and chocolate frappes. Y'know, like how the Neanderthals were doing it for thousands of years before the vegans took over the world with their quinoa and chia seeds?


    Carve 'em up

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 11/12/2015

    » Following in Dubai's footsteps, Thailand is now seeing some of the most incredible entertainment centres. It seems as if there's nothing this country can't do -- from snow towns and trampoline parks to surfing complexes, we've got it all. Or so it seems.


    Bangkok, uninterrupted

    Guru, Jarupat Buranastidporn, Published on 17/10/2014

    » In the past few months, numerous crackdowns and clean-ups have been happening in and around the city. From demolishing street stalls to arresting irresponsible drivers, clamping vehicles parked illegally, and banning the use of hookahs in restaurants and bars - it’s all fine and dandy but aren’t the powers that be stripping the city of its charms? Tourists don’t travel thousands of miles to spend their holidays in our parks nor do they come to experience fancy restaurants that pride themselves on top-notch hygiene standards. Sure, residents of Bangkok complain about how there are too many cars or how bad the traffic is but wouldn’t it be a frighteningly quiet city without the honking, cursing and deep bass sounds of molam music pumping from neon-lit tuk tuks? We imagine what Bangkok would look like, uninterrupted.

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