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Dollars and dragons: the year that was

Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 30/12/2012

» The soothsayers who predicted the world would come to an end on Dec 21 definitely got it wrong. We are still here and the world appears to be in relatively good shape. Well, as good as it was last week anyway.


Turn hesitation blues into the black with these tips

Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 22/07/2012

» With so much economic and market turmoil today, what solutions exist to protect the hard-earned savings of today's expat? With so many economic happenings, many people become confused and hesitate and that can have devastating effects. The majority of road traffic accidents occur as a result of hesitation. Likewise, if you hesitate in the matter of asset protection you may well end up with your head in your hands, wondering "Why me?"


Alternative investment ideas

Business, Andrew Wood, Published on 13/03/2012

» Global equity markets are continuing their recovery, and some could even be said to be on a bull run. But are things really back to normal? Major indices declined by 10-12% in the second quarter, but have since pared their losses, gaining between 10% and 13% and showing positive returns overall. Is this crab-like behaviour to be expected for sustained periods? Most commentary says that volatility is here to stay at least for the next few years.