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    EC walks fine media line

    News, Editorial, Published on 06/01/2018

    » Once political campaigning for a general election, tentatively set for November, kicks off, social media will likely become an even more powerful tool, not just for vote canvassing but also manipulation.

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    Export high owes itself to good luck

    News, Editorial, Published on 25/06/2017

    » Although Thai exports rose to a four-year high last month, it's still too early to pop the champagne. There remain many challenges ahead for the market. After all, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that exports rose largely due to luck.

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    Clean energy for Krabi

    News, Editorial, Published on 03/12/2016

    » In a bid to create the impression that the coal-fired power plant in Krabi has won backing from locals, Krabi governor Pinit Boonlert submitted a list of supporters' signatures last week, totalling 15,000, to the government. That is worrisome.

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    Brexit exposes divisions

    News, Editorial, Published on 25/06/2016

    » The "Brexit" vote has unquestionably left the United Kingdom, the European Union (EU) and the rest of the world in uncharted waters. What nations in the world, Thailand included, will have to learn from the historic referendum is that the sense of uncertainty, deep political and social polarisation as well as extreme anger and divisiveness that come along with it, has become the new normal.

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    Brexit vote offers lessons for Asean

    News, Editorial, Published on 19/06/2016

    » The world will be watching closely as the British decide on Thursday whether to remain in the European Union, as the outcome will not only affect the future of the 28-member bloc but also have repercussions for non-member countries.

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