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    Understanding Bangkok's traffic woes

    News, Danny Marks, Published on 01/10/2019

    » Anyone who lives in Bangkok won't be surprised to know that the navigation company, TomTom, recently ranked the city among the world's worst for traffic congestion. The transport sector also contributes greatly to Bangkok's overall carbon emissions: a quarter of its emissions -- higher than the global average -- come from this sector and is driven by private automobile use.

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    Thank you, 'Mali San'

    News, Postbag, Published on 24/08/2019

    » We Thais owe many, many thanks to "Mali-San" or Ms Megumi Morimoto, 46, a freshman at Kasetsart University's Sakolnakorn campus. As shown by the clip on Facebook by Udomsak Nak-chang-in and on television, she's been blocking motorcyclists from illegally riding their bikes on the sidewalk at Rumsalee intersection, thus protecting pedestrians from being run over. She's done this over 100 times. Although local bikers have beaten her up four times, Thai onlookers have rescued her.

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    Cheaper EVs, cleaner air

    News, Editorial, Published on 18/10/2019

    » Let's admit it. The car culture of Thai commuters will not go away anytime soon, even though Bangkok's electric rail networks will see a lot of improvements in the coming years.

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    America at war within can't lead world

    News, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Published on 18/10/2019

    » The extraordinary country that once touted itself and was seen by many as the "leader of the free world" is no longer so great. America, the fabled "city upon a hill" and beacon of freedom and democracy for the world, is unwell from within, wracked by nasty divisions and visceral polarisation.

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    Welcome to the 'Asian century'

    News, Published on 09/10/2019

    » In the nineteenth century, the world was Europeanised. In the twentieth century, it was Americanised. Now, it is being Asianised -- and much faster than you may think.

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    Tackling Asean's corporate cronyism

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 03/10/2019

    » Many Southeast Asian countries, particularly Thailand and Malaysia, have been breeding grounds for unchecked and unregulated relations between government and big conglomerates, which have kept a handful of crazy rich Asians increasingly wealthy and widened the income gap between them and the rest of the population.

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    Our car-free days just token effort

    News, Editorial, Published on 22/09/2019

    » For another year, today's Bangkok Car Free Day, the local version of an annual awareness-raising event observed in cities across the world, has been reduced to a PR stunt by the city administration and central government.

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    Turn disaster victims into flood fighters

    News, Nauvarat Suksamran, Published on 21/09/2019

    » The heavy floods that have ravaged Ubon Ratchathani and other northeastern provinces are a wake-up call for authorities dealing with natural disasters.

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    Bangkok must remain capital

    News, Editorial, Published on 02/09/2019

    » Should Bangkok be stripped of its status as capital? The debate over whether Thailand's capital should be moved has been mounting since Indonesia's President Joko Widodo announced last week that he will relocate his country's capital from Jakarta to a site east of Borneo island.

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    Taking up the fight against 'fake news'

    News, Paritta Wangkiat, Published on 29/08/2019

    » The Minister of Digital Economy and Society (DE) Buddhipongse Punnakanta has rolled up his sleeves in his fight against "fake news that is rampant on social media and the internet". Under his plan, the ministry is to launch the "anti-fake news centre", which is expected to be operational in October.

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