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    Tax breaks offer boost to ailing tourism

    News, Published on 15/10/2014

    » The government yesterday approved tax breaks on domestic tour packages and hotel accommodation to boost the local tourism industry.


    BoI special deduction could create a double-edged sword

    Business, Lawalliance Limited Company, Published on 10/02/2015

    » The promotional programme of the Board of Investment (BoI), with its tax incentives, has often been considered by business operators a potential source of tax indulgences to take advantage of. Complex rules must be followed to enjoy the incentives, one of which eliminates tax on dividends paid from profits from BoI-promoted operations. But beware of the distortions that can result when it comes to determining the net amount of dividends that can be paid tax-free.


    Tax breaks commonly missed by expats

    Business, PwC Thailand, Published on 13/02/2017

    » You may be from a country where personal income tax deduction options are minimal. Thailand, on the other hand, has many tax relief options. Many expatriate employees may be missing out on the full relief they're entitled to, which could result in sizeable losses.


    Jakarta woos investors

    Asia focus, Ismira Lutfia Tisnadibrata, Published on 24/06/2019

    » The Indonesian government is preparing to introduce new tax incentives for investors and manufacturers, in line with its ambition to become Southeast Asia's manufacturing hub, and become the fourth largest economy in the world by the 100th anniversary of independence in 2045.


    Points to check before filing a tax return

    Business, Published on 05/08/2014

    » Now we are just over halfway through the year, it's that time again for filing half-year corporate income tax returns. This must be done by the end of August and applies to companies whose accounting period ends on Dec 31.


    Cabinet approves 0.01% fees for transfer, mortgage

    Business, Chatrudee Theparat, Published on 08/05/2019

    » The cabinet has approved cutting both housing transfer and mortgage fees to 0.01% for 12 months, aiming to spur buying after critics said the previous measure to offer tax deductions of up to 200,000 baht for buyers of homes and condos worth up to 5 million baht would have a minimal impact on the market.


    Reverse mortgage, saving on income tax and resident status

    Business, Published on 09/02/2015

    » NnnI recently attended a seminar on saving for retirement at the Emerald Hotel. During one talk, the speaker mentioned a "reverse mortgage" as an alternative that Thailand urgently needs. What does this mean? And how could it help those who have not saved enough for retirement? I didn't have the guts to ask at the seminar.


    Expenses paid to 'unidentifiable' parties

    Business, Lawalliance Limited Company, Published on 23/02/2016

    » All business enterprises from time to time may encounter a situation in which they make payments to a recipient, but its identity cannot be proved to the satisfaction of tax authorities. We are not talking about a payment made in a sham transaction simply to receive a tax deduction but a payment that completely fulfils the cardinal rules such as those made on an arm's-length basis and exclusively spent for business purposes.


    Cash is king: back to basics

    Business, Published on 02/05/2020

    » While the Covid-19 situation is unprecedented, experience from past economic disruptions, such as the 2008 financial crisis, provides some insight into what is likely to happen to businesses in terms of cash flow. However, the impact is not uniform.

  • LIFE

    Helping hands

    Guru, Published on 03/04/2020

    » It's no denying that the past few weeks have been rough for everyone. Though, a few heartwarming stories have emerged amid this chaotic time to show that we are all in this together. Guru lists a few examples.

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