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    Despondent man livestreams suicide attempt, rescued

    Published on 20/11/2017

    » BURI RAM: A 28-year-old man is recovering at a hospital after he tried to commit suicide on Sunday evening by drinking pesticide during a live video stream on Facebook, police said.

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    Suicide attack in Baghdad kills at least 38

    Reuters, Published on 15/01/2018

    » BAGHDAD: Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a busy street market in central Baghdad on Monday, in back-to-back explosions that killed at least 38 people, Iraqi health and police officials said.

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    Leading music shop owner in suicide

    Online Reporters, Published on 14/05/2014

    » Chatchawal Asavasopon, owner of the century-old Yong Seng Music shop, was found dead in the Chao Phraya River near the Wat Rakhang Khositaram pier in Bangkok Noi district, Bangkok, Wednesday morning.

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    Teenage suicide bomber kills 50 in Nigeria mosque

    Associated Press, Published on 22/11/2017

    » LAGOS: A teenage suicide bomber attacked worshippers as they gathered for morning prayers Tuesday at a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 50 people, police said, in one of the region's deadliest assaults in years.


    With a promise of fun, Suicide Squad is a near-suicide

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 05/08/2016

    » For the first 30 minutes or so of its two-hour duration, Suicide Squad genuinely reminded me of the zany, outlandish humour of Marvel's Deadpool and Guardians Of The Galaxy, even if, ultimately, this one is not remotely as good. With zany, self-aware text introductions, a largely 80s-inspired soundtrack, excellent costume designs and enough one-liners to fill a book, Suicide Squad's first act was a fun, neon-splashed ride that made me believe DC's supervillain team-up would -- ironically -- be the comic label's first good film. This all dissolves by the second act, however, as the film begins to disintegrate into predictable, by-the-numbers story complete, with all the pitfalls that held back its predecessors, becoming yet another mediocre entry in DC's cinematic franchise.

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    Suicide car bombing kills 34 in central Ankara

    Published on 14/03/2016

    » ANKARA - A suicide car bomb ripped through a busy square in central Ankara on Sunday, killing at least 34 people and wounding 125, officials said, the latest in a spate of deadly attacks to hit Turkey.

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    7 dead as suicide attackers strike Jakarta

    AFP, Published on 14/01/2016

    » JAKARTA -- Suicide attackers struck the Indonesian capital Thursday, with a series of explosions and gunfire that tore through a Starbucks cafe and shook an embassy district in the Muslim-majority nation.


    World Suicide Prevention Day

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 09/09/2011

    » Senior citizens age 70 to 80 (sick, alone, without family) replace young people as highest risk suicide group in Thailand.


    Women seen as effective suicide bombers

    News, Tobin Harshaw, Published on 12/04/2016

    » On a list of history's most notorious assassins, alongside John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and Gavrilo Princip, the name Thenmozhi Rajaratnam would probably draw mostly blank stares. But in her way, the Tamil Tiger terrorist -- who blew up herself, the Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi and 13 others in May 1991 -- has perhaps had the largest lasting influence.

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    Foul play not ruled out in Canadian boxer's death

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 27/07/2017

    » PHUKET - The Patong police chief has called for a thorough investigation into the death of 27-year-old Canadian expat, Matthew Richardson, a well-respected Muay Thai fighter on this tourist island whose body was found in his rented home in Patong on Monday.

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