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    Sinking Cities

    Asia focus, Published on 02/09/2019

    » One of the most pressing challenges the world is facing as a result of climate change is rising sea levels. Scientists predict that oceans will rise by between 0.3 and 2.5 metres by 2100. This will put many coastal areas at risk, with potentially catastrophic consequences for large cities.


    US hot air and the Paris accord

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 11/11/2019

    » Does it matter that the United States has formally begun withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement? Given that it is the world's second biggest carbon dioxide emitter after China, some say that yes, it does matter, because it will now be free to pollute the planet even more.


    Broken by design

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 25/04/2020

    » Re: "Covid-19 exposes our broken system" (Opinion, April 23).


    Down the rabbit hole

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 03/02/2018

    » Help me, somebody, I think I must have fallen down a rabbit hole and found myself in a world as crazy as Alice did. In this strange, topsy-turvy world the people who ousted an elected government, an action usually considered more serious than sedition is now arresting protesters and dissidents for actions and speech inciting people to rebel against their government.

  • LIFE

    City of angels and demons

    Life, Sawarin Suwichakornpong, Published on 22/03/2019

    » You can leave the place where you were born, but it never truly leaves you. It's always there, calling you home.


    Report stirs alarm over sinking city

    News, Aekarach Sattaburuth, Published on 23/07/2015

    » The government should set up a national committee to deal with Bangkok's subsidence to prevent the capital from being submerged, according to the National Reform Council (NRC). 


    The Back To The Future (II) is now

    Life, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 24/04/2015

    » Time flies so quickly, and in next to no time after Songkran, we're nearly in the middle of 2015.


    (Sunday update) Navy to the rescue

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 12/06/2011

    » To the cheers of crowds on both sides of the Chao Phraya, a navy lead team first raised, then salvaged the sunken barge that had caused so much damage.

  • LIFE

    Celine Dion floats Bangkok's boat

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 25/07/2018

    » That "sinking boat" song -- that's how Celine "My Heart Will Go On" Dion, joking with the casual humour of a seasoned Las Vegas residency entertainer, refers to her most played, most loved, most karaoke-d, and perhaps most clichéd number. How many times have you heard it? Hundreds, if not more, intentionally or accidentally. And yet, apparently, there's nothing compared to hearing it live, 21 years after that big boat sank in Titanic, belted out at top octave and lung power by Dion herself, as she did to the roaring crowd at Impact Arena on Monday night in her first-ever concert in Bangkok.


    Bangkok 'could be submerged in 15 years'

    Published on 23/07/2015

    » Without urgent action, Bangkok could be under water within 15 years because of excessive pumping of groundwater, the weight of city buildings and rising sea levels, an NRC panel has warned.

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