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    Court upholds ruling in Yingluck's defamation suit

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 25/01/2019

    » The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld suspended one-year jail sentences and 50,000-baht fines handed down to three Democrat politicians for defaming former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra during a TV programme.


    Enduring play moves into the #MeToo generation

    Life, Published on 05/04/2018

    » Last Thursday, women from 12 countries took the audience by storm in a perceptive, inspiring, and hilarious performance of The Vagina Monologues. The diverse members of Bangkok Rising, a volunteer organisation whose main cause is to raise awareness of the need for gender equality and an end to gender-based violence, rendered tangible the reality of womanhood in a context of oppression, abuse, and also self-discovery. In a powerful conclusion, they turned their attention to the appalling state of gender-based violence today, more than 20 years after the play's premiere.


    A right to know?

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 25/09/2017

    » In Bangkok, a form recently surfaced at a hotel in Nana, and it has gone viral. It tells guests to be aware that "the person" -- an allusion to a prostitute -- they are bringing to the room could be a "ladyboy".

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    WTA chief backs Serena in US Open 'sexism' row

    AFP, Published on 10/09/2018

    » NEW YORK: Serena Williams's claim that the code violations that sparked her meltdown in the US Open final were sexist stirred debate, with WTA Tour chief executive Steve Simon backing her on Sunday.


    Life's agonies, magnified three-fold

    Life, Amitha Amranand, Published on 24/08/2017

    » Theatre director Bhanbhassa Dhubthien may not be known for novel or subversive interpretations of plays, but she has always worked with good actors, from whom she draws out the kind of nuanced performances we don't often see here in Thailand. She has also worked with texts of varying degrees of difficulty and ripeness. So even when the writing fails, her actors can always steer the production from complete disaster.


    Arrest sexism in police force

    News, Editorial, Published on 06/09/2018

    » As Thailand under the military-sponsored constitution will become a more democratically regressive state after the general election next year than it was prior to the 2014 coup, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) this week came up with -- or were forced to come up with -- what can only be described as a backwards policy.


    Who is Elena Ferrante? Supporters say NOYB

    Life, Published on 07/10/2016

    » The readers of Elena Ferrante are devoted -- and fiercely protective -- of that anonymous Italian author. That much was clear from the swift and unforgiving backlash after an investigative journalist used financial documents to suggest in an article published on Sunday that Anita Raja, an Italian translator, was behind Ferrante's books.


    We need to fight homophobia at home

    News, Paisarn Likhitpreechakul, Published on 14/06/2016

    » As the world reels in shock and sorrow from the Orlando gay club shooting which killed at least 50 people and injured many more in Florida, some jumped to lay blame on the faith of the shooter, who was said to have been angered by the sight of two men kissing.


    The sexual politics of 2016 and redefining masculinity

    News, David Brooks, Published on 30/03/2016

    » In the middle of the Civil War, a colonel named Robert McAllister from the 11th Regiment of New Jersey tried to improve the moral fibre of his men. A Presbyterian railroad contractor in private life, he lobbied and preached against profanity, drinking, prostitution and gambling. Some of the line officers in the regiment, from less genteel backgrounds, rebelled.


    She's in fashion

    Life, Published on 23/09/2015

    » Digital spaces are evolving so quickly it's difficult to stay relevant, according to Australian-Chinese stylist, model, photographer, creative director, law student and fashion blogger Margaret Zhang. At just 22, the multi-talent behind the wildly popular blog Shine By Three has achieved more than most creatives will in a lifetime. She's photographed and modelled with Miranda Kerr, worked with global brands like Nike and Net-a-Porter, hosted a television show, and garnered a huge global following, including 556,000 followers on Instagram alone.

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