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    Students slip under hazing radar

    News, Lamphai Intathep, Published on 10/11/2014

    » Hazing rituals are known for putting first-year students through humiliating routines such as forcing them to drink alcohol or eat disgusting food.

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    Rites or wrongs?

    Life, Published on 24/07/2017

    » Male freshmen were ordered to feel each other's crotch, lick each other's nipples and eat a disgusting mixture of pumpkin, fermented fish and discarded vegetables -- things that look like faeces. Refuse, and the senior would escalate the punishment.


    Lost in the haze

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 02/01/2017

    » Riding on a train that stops at stations where alumni wait to greet you is a pleasant initiation rite that provides a sense of welcome and acceptance for young university students, some of whom have never been away from the comfort of home and parents before.


    Uni hurts its own cause

    News, Editorial, Published on 14/09/2015

    » A military camp will play host to 53 transgender female students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University from Monday until Wednesday, with the aim of adjusting their attitudes. They got in a spot of trouble late last month for participating in a poorly thought-out hazing ceremony that had them dancing and performing simulated sex. If that was out of line - and it certainly was - what are we to think of this university's punishment, its attitude toward the students in the first place and even its own record on hazing?


    Chinese students in US fear for future amid trade war

    Asia focus, Published on 01/07/2019

    » As the United States ramps up its trade war with China, college students are becoming collateral damage -- and in many ways, direct targets.


    Kasetsart 'hazing' mystery deepens

    News, Published on 14/09/2016

    » The father of a Kasetsart University freshman who was saved from drowning in a pond allegedly during a hazing ceremony vowed to sue the university if his son, now being treated in an intensive care unit, cannot recover.


    Young and active

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 27/10/2016

    » This is an age when news and information (true as well as false, of course) is readily available. But despite the fact that your internet connection speed is not below average and you spend quite some time online each day, there are still certain decent things going on that you probably never knew about. Sometimes, the most likely reason you missed them is very simple: you're not young enough.


    Teen idol: Ploychompoo

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 01/05/2016

    » Jannine Parawie Weigel (Ploychompoo) is very popular and busy right now. The German-Thai singer has been promoting her first ballad, “Piew (Away),” and was recently in Los Angeles to record two English-language songs after the success of her debut English-language EP Genesis.


    Undo hazing shackle

    News, Editorial, Published on 07/08/2015

    » August does not only mark the start of the first semester of universities and colleges. It also kicks off the hazing season which refuses to go away despite numerous premature deaths from hazing violence.

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    Teach by inspiring

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 14/07/2015

    » Richard Cairns remembered his childhood days quite clearly when he performed best in the subject where he was inspired by his teacher. Now the current headmaster of Brighton College in the UK, Cairns ensures the school gets all the teachers right.

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