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    Denso preaches appreciation of robots

    Business, Chatrudee Theparat, Published on 15/08/2018

    » Amid mounting concerns about the deep impact on the labour market from robots and artificial intelligence (AI), due to their rapidly expanding ability to perform human tasks and the declining cost of implementing them, Denso Corporation remains unfazed.

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    Japanese humanoid robots start work

    Published on 19/07/2015

    » TOKYO — Humanoid robots have started work in a bank in Tokyo and a hotel in the southwestern island of Kyushu on the back of a growing demand for them amid concerns over a labour shortage in Japan's aging society.


    Help, robots will replace our jobs!

    Business, Published on 05/12/2018

    » Don't let the headline alarm you. But robots will definitely change how we work or, even better, how we work and learn.


    AI in 2019: Start small, win big

    Business, Published on 25/12/2018

    » A new generation of artificial intelligence solutions will prove themselves in 2019. They will build new trust, urgency and understanding of what AI actually is, and just how much it can deliver.

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    Japan bank to deploy service robots

    Published on 04/02/2015

    » TOKYO — The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ will deploy on a trial basis humanoid customer service robots at one or two of its branches in Tokyo from this spring, its officials said.


    Robots in Thailand

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 03/12/2012

    » Companies try replacing workers with more robots & machines as new 300 baht minimum wage makes people too expensive.


    When everyday robots swing from chandeliers

    Brunch, Published on 28/12/2014

    » The past year of music has served up some incredible sounds. In 12 months, we have witnessed the comeback of local goofballs Samurai Loud, the allure of FKA twigs, and the reinvention of Taylor Swift. And while old pros like Damon Albarn and St Vincent lamented the monotony of technology-dominated modern life, disco grandmaster Giorgio Moroder persisted on the dancefloor. Slinky basslines were all the rage, and '80s nostalgia still sells. To relive all those amazing moments in music, here, in no particular order, are our top 20 singles of 2014.

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    Japan showroom gives feel of living with robot

    Published on 25/07/2015

    » OSAKA — What will it be like living with a humanoid robot that can read human emotions and exchange conversations with humans?

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    Rapper has more to say as election nears

    Published on 16/02/2019

    » The rhymes came to Nutthapong Srimuong before dawn, when Bangkok is as still as it can be and the night jasmine overpowers the capital with its perfume.


    The road to 4IR

    Asia focus, Published on 28/01/2019

    » The world is waking up to the reality of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as the concept of digitising everything is becoming a reality. Southeast Asia is no exception, as the phenomenon also known as Industry 4.0 or 4IR is affecting the way people live, work, do business and interact.

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