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    Rooted in feudalism

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 23/01/2021

    » I must say Prof Thitinan Pongsudhirak ("What the 'Pimrypie' sensation foretells", Opinion, Jan 22) correctly exposes the flaws of Thai hierarchical society (Opinion, Jan 22). In spite of the superhighways, BTS, malls, majestic wats and palaces, Thailand remains rooted in its feudal past. It is the same in a few other countries surrounding Thailand.


    Google Escalates Dispute With Australia by Threatening Search Shutdown

    Business, Published on 23/01/2021

    » Google threatened to shut down its search engine in Australia if a proposed law requiring tech giants to pay publishers for news isn't changed.

  • TECH

    When internet platforms are the judge and jury

    Life, James Hein, Published on 20/01/2021

    » The start of this year does not bode well for freedom of speech advocates. Consider this thought experiment. You are a citizen of Mythomia. You enjoy decent internet speeds but a group of organisations dominate the social media space. Your leader communicates with the populace via social media. One day the organisations decide they don't like the politics of the leader and cut off all means of communication with the populace. How would you feel about that?

  • LIFE

    Amid chaos, world music still rocks

    Life, John Clewley, Published on 19/01/2021

    » Riding high at the top of this month's Transglobal World Music Chart is the Isreali-Persian singer, songwriter and social activist Liraz Charhi.


    Casinos not all bad

    News, Postbag, Published on 18/01/2021

    » Re: "Prayuth to weigh in on legalising gambling", (BP, Jan 16).


    Time for drug policy rethink

    News, Editorial, Published on 17/01/2021

    » The deaths of nine people last week from the overdose of a deadly "new" drug -- a combination of heroin, ketamine, methamphetamine and sleep medication -- is a shock.


    As Wikipedia turns 20 it aims to reach more readers

    AFP, Published on 15/01/2021

    » PARIS - Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary on Friday and the collaborative, volunteer-produced internet encyclopedia aims to spend the next 20 years further expanding free access to information.

  • LIFE

    A gentleman thief's quest for revenge

    Life, Tatat Bunnag, Published on 15/01/2021

    » In Thailand, Lupin might be familiar among comic book readers, especially Lupin III, a popular Japanese manga and anime franchise about the escapades of master thief Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman burglar seen in a series of novels by French author Maurice Leblanc. While also taking inspiration from Leblanc's character, Netflix's new French-language limited thriller series Lupin definitely has its very own unique take.


    It could be fun, in a strange sort of way

    News, Roger Crutchley, Published on 10/01/2021

    » A number of readers -- well, three -- have asked why last week's column did not contain the usual predictions for the coming year. My feeling at the time was that with the dark cloud of Covid-19 hovering over us it seemed a bit inappropriate to carry the usual frivolous PostScript predictions. However, I have had a change of heart and considering we are only 10 days into the New Year it is not too late to make silly forecasts.


    Headless chickens

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 09/01/2021

    » So, on Jan 8 we had the headline "Gov u-turns on Mor Chana" concerning the tracking device Mor Chana. And "Covid travel permit 'impractical'" concerning interprovincial travel documents. And with many other backtracking moves by those in power, it once again shows that decisions are made without thinking them through.

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