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    Garden of earthly demise

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 10/09/2018

    » Jagged granite, chipped marble and debris from construction sites become an archive of their own past. At a glance, one won't see the leaves and flowers superimposed on those broken slabs of rock. At closer inspection, the melancholic splendour of the now-no-more greenery is there, delicately printed on the hard surface of the material that has replaced it.


    Reacting to the seen and unseen

    Life, Ariane Kupferman-Sutthavong, Published on 21/09/2017

    » Just a couple of blocks away from the busy Sanam Luang area, where preparations for the royal cremation ceremony have entered their final phase, the exhibition "Pause. A Reflection On Disarray" offers a little respite, a little time and space to ponder our human reactions to things that come our way -- mud splashes both physical and metaphorical.


    The future, in reverse

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 08/06/2016

    » On the surface, artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul's video of a night journey through a temple doesn't seem to be in dialogue with photographs of Sakhalin island by Japanese Tomoko Yoneda. Nor does there seem to be any connection between Field Recordings' video work documenting migrant workers on the banks of Shanghai's Huangpu River and MAP Office's incredibly detailed imaginary map of "future Hong Kong".


    What is contemporary?

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 05/11/2015

    » The complicated relationship between fashion and time is an unavoidable issue all designers have to face. This is because in fashion, one minute you're in and the next, you're out.


    Serindia Gallery

    Life, Published on 11/03/2015

    » Serindia Gallery presents a preview of Hamid Sardar-Afkhami's recent photo expedition in Myanmar. As a filmmaker and photographer, he captured ethnographic portraits in Myanmar's most diverse and once-restricted areas after the country opened up to the world.


    A very talented man

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 06/12/2010

    » One reason that Thai people are so proud of their King is that he is able to do so many things.


    Greyscale greatness

    Brunch, Published on 09/09/2018

    » They look like pictures that could have been taken on Mars, if not heavily Photoshopped, but Tom Jacobi emphasises again and again that all his photos are of real and uncontrived structures on Earth. Ranging from deserts with pockets of water to dramatic mountain ranges, his photographs capture a world you've likely never seen before -- largely in grey tones because he has gotten up at 4am to get these shots.


    Afternoon Person

    Life, Published on 30/05/2018

    » Tae Parvit's first solo show comprises narrations and human relations, told in full colour and mostly with unplanned compositions of figurative objects. His works are mostly spontaneous and communicate through accidentally beautiful images and characters where viewers are invited to freely feel, contemplate and interpret the meaning.


    Transporting you to another universe

    Life, Published on 29/03/2018

    » Piyatat Hemmatat's latest solo exhibition, "Eden, Part 1", takes you to another universe -- literally through drugs.


    Symbolic uncertainty

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 24/01/2018

    » As Thailand continues to search for a way out of the black hole of politics, Kata Sangkhae's latest solo exhibition "Narrative Of Monuments" at Kathmandu Photo Gallery on Silom couldn't come at a better time.

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