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    Greyscale greatness

    Brunch, Published on 09/09/2018

    » They look like pictures that could have been taken on Mars, if not heavily Photoshopped, but Tom Jacobi emphasises again and again that all his photos are of real and uncontrived structures on Earth. Ranging from deserts with pockets of water to dramatic mountain ranges, his photographs capture a world you've likely never seen before -- largely in grey tones because he has gotten up at 4am to get these shots.

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    Gas bubbling from river bed in Phayao

    Saiarun Pinaduang, Published on 17/02/2016

    » PHAYAO -- People from Ban Na-om in tambon Khun Khuan of Pong district have flocked to the nearby Khuan River since a fisherman noticed gas bubbling up to the surface.

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    Australian politician sets river on fire to protest fracking

    AFP, Published on 24/04/2016

    » SYDNEY - An Australian politician has set fire to a river to draw attention to methane gas he says is seeping into the water due to fracking, with the dramatic video attracting more than two millions views.

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