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    Xi and Putin hail 'new era'

    Published on 22/03/2023

    » MOSCOW: After two days of talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin has pledged even closer ties with Russia’s most powerful backer and hailed Beijing’s proposals for ending his war in Ukraine.


    Ni hao, Mr Zelensky, it's Xi Jinping on the line

    News, Published on 22/03/2023

    » The two most fraught conversations this week both have Chinese President Xi Jinping on one side. In Moscow, he's currently talking to his Russian counterpart and host, Vladimir Putin. In a video conference or phone call that's assumed to follow within days, he'll then interface with the Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelensky.


    'Forever chemicals' deserve far more scrutiny

    News, Published on 20/03/2023

    » Most of us are walking around with an array of poorly understood chemicals in our bloodstreams and livers -- an unintended consequence of the great 20th century heyday of chemical innovation. They're so stable they've been dubbed "forever chemicals". That means that even if we stop producing them today, some might still course through people's veins centuries from now. We're barely regulating them, even though their harms have become better-known.


    AI is about to transform childhood. Are we ready?

    News, Published on 18/03/2023

    » With the introduction of GPT-4 and Claude, AI has taken another big step forward. GPT-4 is human-level or better at many hard tasks, a huge improvement over GPT-3.5, which was released only a few months ago. Yet amid the debate over these advances, there has been very little discussion of one of the most profound effects of AI large language models: how they will reshape childhood?


    Forget lazy 'trend' pieces about working women

    News, Published on 10/03/2023

    » Every year when International Women's Day approaches, news publications seize the opportunity to run stories about how women are faring in the workplace. The annual observance is a good opportunity to take stock of progress -- or the lack of it -- in gender equality.


    West's message on war gets lost

    News, Mihir Sharma, Published on 09/03/2023

    » Here in New Delhi, policymakers are beginning to worry. India's long-awaited presidency of the G-20 grouping is turning out to be even more difficult than they anticipated.


    Asia's very complicated pause in interest rates

    News, Daniel Moss, Published on 07/03/2023

    » Interest-rate pauses aren't exactly in trouble, but things are beginning to look awkward for officials eyeing a decent break. World growth isn't falling off a cliff and inflation has failed to ease up quite as expected in some big economies. The more fortitude the expansion shows, the greater the risk of a policy mistake. At least last year, the direction of policy was abundantly clear.


    Maoist or not, football looks ripe for revolution

    News, Published on 28/02/2023

    » It's a fair bet that not everyone will be a fan of the government's proposed English football revolution, which will create an independent regulator and push for a more equitable sharing of the revenues generated by the world's most popular soccer league. When the idea was floated in 2021, the chief executive officer of Premier League club Leeds United decried redistribution as "Maoist collective agriculturalism". That's a little rich. If you want to see an example of a sporting industry that truly embraces egalitarian principles, try starting in that well-known socialist country, the United States of America.


    Quakes are inevitable. Huge death tolls are not

    News, Published on 27/02/2023

    » Earthquakes can neither be prevented nor predicted. If a Category 5 typhoon nears, evacuations are possible; there can be time to move to a safe zone before the pyroclastic flow of a volcano sweeps all in its path.


    Plastic waste imports to be curbed

    Published on 21/02/2023

    » Thailand has begun restricting plastic waste imports and will ban scrap shipments of the material starting in 2025, the government said in a statement on Tuesday.

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