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    Another way of looking at the horrors of Hiroshima

    News, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 26/05/2016

    » Today's Hiroshima doesn't give the TV journalists a lot to work with. It's a bustling, mid-sized Japanese city with only few reminders of its destruction by an atomic bomb in 1945. There's the skeletal dome of the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall (which was right under the blast), and discreet plaques on various buildings saying that such-and-such a middle school, with 600 students, used to be on this site, and that's all.

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    US warns of sanctions for foreign election meddling

    AFP, Published on 13/09/2018

    » WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday allowing punitive sanctions on foreigners who interfere in US elections, two years after Russia allegedly meddled on his behalf in the presidential campaign.


    NBTC must deliver again

    News, Published on 17/06/2014

    » A strange thing happened last week. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) was given a challenging, unique problem to solve. And in less than a day, the NBTC effectively solved it. The commission acted decisively. In little more than a few hours of focused work, the NBTC had accomplished the considerable task of securing free World Cup broadcasts for the whole country. So the question is, why can't the NBTC perform that well as a matter of course?


    Digital Tu

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 21/10/2018

    » In the week the general prime minister saw Trump's Twitter bet and raised him by 400%, he did something even more political. He stopped the march to enactment of the Cybersecurity Act in its tracks.

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    BP quarterly profits collapse on tumbling oil prices

    AFP, Published on 27/10/2015

    » LONDON - BP profits collapsed in the third quarter as oil prices halved on back of the stubborn global supply glut, the British energy giant said Tuesday.


    Lehman leaves behind a toxic legacy

    News, Published on 03/09/2013

    » As the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers approaches, some analysts will revisit the causes of an historic global "sudden stop" that resulted in enormous economic and financial disruptions. Others will describe the consequences of an event that continues to produce considerable human suffering. And some will share personal experiences of a terrifying time for the global economy and for them personally (as policymakers, financial-market participants, and in their everyday lives).

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    Liberia lifts Ebola state of emergency

    AFP, Published on 13/11/2014

    » Liberia lifted its state of emergency Thursday, announcing huge gains in the fight against Ebola as Africa pinned its hopes on trials for a "miracle drug" to be tested on patients in Guinea.

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    Liverpool clinch Lallana transfer deal

    AFP, Published on 01/07/2014

    » Liverpool have completed the signing of Adam Lallana after the Southampton and England midfielder successfully underwent a club medical on Tuesday.


    The decline of quantitative easing

    News, Published on 31/01/2014

    » The departure of US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke has fuelled speculation about when and how the Fed and other central banks will wind down their mammoth purchases of long-term assets, also known as quantitative easing (QE). Observers seize upon every new piece of economic data to forecast QE's continuation or an acceleration of its decline. But more attention needs to be paid to the impact of either outcome on different economic players.

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    India says doesn't want 'escalation' after Pakistan air strike

    AFP, Published on 27/02/2019

    » NEW DELHI - New Delhi sought to ease soaring tensions with an infuriated Islamabad Wednesday after carrying out an air strike on Pakistan's territory, as the US urged the nuclear-armed neighbours to "exercise restraint".

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