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    US Defense Secretary Mattis resigns over Syria pullout

    AFP, Published on 21/12/2018

    » WASHINGTON: US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned on Thursday, leading a chorus of protests at home and abroad after President Donald Trump ordered a complete troop pullout from Syria and a significant withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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    'Mission Accomplished' in Syria, Trump declares

    Associated Press, Published on 14/04/2018

    » WASHINGTON: Allied missiles struck at the heart of Syrian chemical weapons arsenal in a show of force and resolve aimed at punishing the Assad government for a suspected poison gas attack against civilians and deterring the possible future use of such banned weapons.

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    Chemical watchdog OPCW convenes as Syria mission begins

    AFP, Published on 16/04/2018

    » DAMASCUS: The global chemical arms watchdog held emergency talks Monday in The Hague on an alleged Syrian regime attack on Douma, where a team of its experts was beginning its field work.

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    Clashes rock edge of Syria's Ghouta despite 'truce'

    AFP, Published on 28/02/2018

    » BEIRUT - Syrian regime forces clashed Wednesday with rebels on the outskirts of Eastern Ghouta despite a "humanitarian pause" announced by Russia and now in its second day, a monitor said.


    Reunification of Syria under Assad

    News, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 04/01/2017

    » So far the end-game in Syria has played out in an entirely predictable way. All of Aleppo is back in the Syrian government's hands, that decisive victory for President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian backers has been followed by a ceasefire, and the Russians are now organising a peace conference in Astana, Kazakhstan for later this month.


    Anxiety over Syria, North Korea keeps lid on stocks

    Business, Published on 18/04/2017

    » Recap: Asian stock indices were mixed last week as rising geopolitical risks from the US missile strike on Syria and soaring tensions on the Korean peninsula kept investors on edge. The same concerns lifted gold to five-month highs, while oil advanced amid confidence that Saudi Arabia will support an extension to Opec-led output cuts just as US stockpiles show signs of shrinking. The Thai stock market edged up, driven by buying in heavyweight energy stocks.

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    Trump says he'll fire missiles at Syrian 'Gas Killing Animal' Assad

    Associated Press, Published on 11/04/2018

    » BEIRUT: A senior Russian lawmaker on Wednesday morning warned the United States that Russia would view an airstrike on Syria as a war crime, but US President Donald Trump then tweeted that "missiles are coming" and called Syrian President Bashar Assad a "Gas Killing Animal".


    Syria and Trump-Xi talks keep investors on sidelines

    Business, Published on 10/04/2017

    » Recap: Markets were rattled late last week after US cruise missiles struck a Syrian air base, while global investors moved to the sidelines pending the outcome of talks between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Safe-haven assets such as the yen and gold soared and oil prices also surged. The formal promulgation of the country's 20th constitution, ensuring an election sometime late next year, helped keep the Thai stock market in a rangebound trade.


    My cousin died at sea, trying to flee Syria's horrors

    News, Published on 23/04/2015

    » Last winter my cousin died on a migrant ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Amjad was a 26-year-old engineering graduate. My family was ethnically cleansed from Palestine in 1948, after which they settled in Damascus. Since 2011 they have been embroiled in a war not of their making. Food, water, heating, security and hope are becoming luxuries, scarcer by the day.

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    Missile just 'routine' military exercise

    AFP, Published on 03/09/2013

    » JERUSALEM - Israel on Tuesday announced the successful launch of a missile in a joint exercise with the United States, which came as Washington mulls military intervention in Syria.

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