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    Young Faces, Old Souls

    Brunch, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 01/07/2018

    » Calpurnia/ Scout EP


    Putting the Fun in Funk

    Brunch, Chanun Poomsawai, Published on 17/12/2017

    » Mention the name Notapol "Kor" Srichomkwan and most people would still have no idea who he is. To the local music industry, however, Kor is a bit of a legend. Having had started out as a bassist for alt-rock mainstay Moderndog, he went on to do some great things -- the most notable being co-founding pop-rock outfit POP alongside Nop Ponchamni and Montien Keawgamnoed, spearheading beloved disco-funk quartet Groove Riders as well as supergroup The Ghost Cat.


    Luxury goods get a second life online

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 23/01/2017

    » In the constantly changing world of fashion, what's new can quickly become old and get shuffled to the back of the closet and forgotten. But some styles endure forever, and that is fuelling the growth of the second-hand vintage fashion business online.


    Stranger Things remains binge-worthy

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 03/11/2017

    » Being the geeky, nerdy man-child that I am, I absolutely loved the first season of Netflix's Stranger Things, the original sci-fi horror series released last year. With all its reverence for geek culture, the 1980s aesthetic and excellent cast, Stranger Things was a love letter to everything I loved, and I loved it for that. It was also a masterclass in suspense, a show that knew how to make you desperate to find out what's next at the end of every episode.


    The first rumblings of The Last Jedi

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 07/09/2017

    » It's officially Star Wars season. With the much-anticipated worldwide release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi just around the corner in December, Disney has officially kicked off their big ramp-up toward the release with their second Force Friday event, which began around the world on Sept 1. Until Sunday, fans around the world can download and use the official Star Wars phone app to seek out various augmented-reality (AR) figures. Doing so will allow fans to get a sneak-peak at both returning and first-time characters in the upcoming film, along with Star Wars-related prizes.


    Pulling it all together

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 21/07/2017

    » What I learned from years of backpacking is that there's no single pattern of development. Every country I've been to has had its unique history, which is why the prospect of globalisation is incongruous and why mother countries couldn't hold on to their colonies.


    The gift of reading

    Life, Published on 12/12/2016

    » It's that time of year when we ask people in different fields to share one book they've read, loved and would recommend as a New Year pressie


    The Force has indeed awoken

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 17/12/2015

    » I regretted attending the press screening of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens the moment the iconic Star Wars logo burst onto the screen. Not because I have anything against Star Wars, or that I didn't think the movie was going to be awesome. Quite the contrary, in fact. My regret lies in the fact that I'm not watching this movie at home, alone, where my inner geek can scream and cheer at the triumphant return of what is perhaps one of the most important cinematic universes in pop-culture history.


    Summer's here and the time is right

    Life, John Clewley, Published on 07/06/2016

    » The European world-music-festival season is in full swing as bands head to stages across the continent, while at the same time, the festival circuits in North America and Japan are also busy as people take advantage of the long days of summer to get out and enjoy some music.


    Icons for charity

    Brunch, Published on 19/10/2014

    » It was a full house once again for the popular annual charity concerts organised by hotelier Kamala Sukosol. Held this year under the theme "Icons", the concerts at The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, served to raise funds for the Thai Red Cross Society's Craniofacial Center.

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