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    Sister act

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 27/01/2019

    » Thai people just can't stay away from khao gaeng, or rice-and-side-dish shops. It's like a relative they have to see everyday. Most Thai people eat rice with side dishes for at least one meal a day. This is why these shops are everywhere. A shop in a good location, close to the office and transportation hubs and that offers lots of options can quickly gain in popularity.

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    Comforting congee

    Guru, Kankanok Wichiantanon, Published on 07/02/2020

    » Often full of the Chong Nonsi's office crowd, LonLon Local Diner is a simple, mid-sized eatery, specialising in the humble fare of khao tom kui.

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    Eat on. Game on.

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 08/09/2017

    » <b>The setting:</b> It's a shame not a lot of people have heard about Hopeland. Within the offering of bars and restaurants at Thong Lor's 72 Courtyard, this one is at the very back on the the ground floor. At first glance, it seems to be your typical bar and restaurant. Lights in neon purple, steel tables, thumping music to get you going -- the usual. But don't judge a book by its cover. Hopeland does pride itself in its array of Korean dishes as well as its Tiki drinks, and we'll talk about that later. The thing that makes Hopeland special is its arcade games. And no, we're not just referring to those two arcade machines near the entrance and the kitchen where you can play games like Street Fighter and Tekken. There are also arcade games built into the tables. Yep, you read that right. While eating your food and nursing your drink, there's no need to get up from your seat; you can play some Pac-Man or Donkey Kong right there at your table. You can even take turns and play as two-players! You can game all you want, of course, but will you be feasting on good food as well? Or is Hopeland simply just another gimicky resto and bar? Read on.

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    If memory serves

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 14/05/2017

    » Something strange happens to people who have been around for some time and adopted a certain taste for the past. At times, it could be so bad that may make them either nostalgic or fussy -- maybe both at the same time. They can get depressed thinking about the fact that nowadays Thai food doesn't taste the same as it used to. Those bygone dishes may look the same, perhaps slightly different, but they simply don't taste the same. Such a disappointment is hard to swallow.

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    Cooking up a Thai storm

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 12/07/2019

    » Amdang Typhoon Thai and Chinese Sukhumvit Soi 32 Daily 11am-10.30pm 095-716-4712

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    Gone but not forgotten

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 07/08/2016

    » Many old Thai dishes that were familiar to people of a few generations ago are gone now, but among the old dishes, a number have been revived and are appearing on menus again. In many cases there have been revisions and adaptations, however, with new ingredients introduced as substitutes for original ones that are hard to find now, or that may no longer be available at all.

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    Something's in the air

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 11/09/2016

    » Food appeals to us not just because of its taste, which can combine sourness, saltiness, sweetness, bitterness and chilli heat with endless variety, but also because of its aroma. But it is not just the combination of meat, vegetables and seasonings together with the cooking technique that automatically creates the fragrance that wafts from a finished dish. It is a careful selection by the cook of ingredients that will create or enhance its aroma.

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    Life, Vanniya Sriangura, Published on 27/03/2015

    » Named after an indigenous Thai herb, Chingcha Charlee is a revamped version of the well-established, two-decades-old Ging Kalpapruek Thai restaurant.

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    The plague is coming

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 01/02/2019

    » Hunger drives the story of Kingdom, in which people fight zombies with swords and make their escape on a cartwheel chase during the 16th-century Joseon Dynasty.

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    A healthy spoonful

    B Magazine, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 17/06/2018

    » Once again, I find myself writing about health and food choices -- a topic I could never bore of. We all survive off food so it's important to know how to maintain a healthy diet that keeps our bodies in balance.

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