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    10 years on, no peace after war in Syria

    AFP, Published on 08/03/2021

    » BEIRUT: After a decade of unfathomable violence and human tragedy that has made Syria the defining war of the early 21st century, the fighting has tapered off but the suffering hasn't.

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    Myanmar protesters rally after overnight raids on opposition figures

    AFP, Published on 07/03/2021

    » YANGON: Myanmar anti-coup demonstrators have vowed big turnouts Sunday as the junta regime intensifies its crackdown, following overnight raids in parts of Rangoon which targeted officials from Aung San Suu Kyi's political party.

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    Thailand downgraded to 'not free' in global survey

    Published on 06/03/2021

    » Thailand has been downgraded again to “not free” from “partly free” in the latest global rankings by Freedom House, a US-based democracy advocacy group.

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    Anti-coup protests continue in Myanmar as UN urged to hear 'pleas'

    AFP, Published on 06/03/2021

    » YANGON - Anti-coup demonstrators returned to the streets of Myanmar Saturday, a day after a United Nations envoy urged the Security Council to hear the nation's "desperate pleas" and take swift action to restore democracy.

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    Suppression doomed

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 06/03/2021

    » A new generation young people is readying itself to tackle the problems passed on to them by previous generations: the climate emergency, economic inequality and the decomposition of cultural integrity. The spirit of transformation towards sustainability and social justice has not only emerged in Thailand but globally. The willingness to co-create a just and flourishing society in harmony with nature irrespective of the enormous burdens from the past manifests itself in the region as the "Milk Tea Alliance": young people in Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and now even more strongly in Myanmar, India (farmers' protests supported by youth), and likely to be the case also in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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    Myanmar's coup stalls settlement of Rohingya saga

    News, Published on 06/03/2021

    » Shortly after Myanmar's military coup on Feb 1, a boat packed with Rohingya refugees left Bangladesh. Ten days later, the refugee agency UNHCR reported that the vessel was adrift in the Andaman Sea. It appealed to maritime authorities to provide swift assistance. In late February the vessel was found in Indian waters. Of the 81 people on board, eight had died. A diplomatic spat between India and Bangladesh followed. Neither country wanted to take responsibility for the group.

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    Asean's declining common denominator

    Oped, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Published on 05/03/2021

    » Asean is stuck deeper than ever between a rock and a hard place in view of its political impotence in dealing with the Myanmar armed forces' power grab on Feb 1. In an informal meeting online among its foreign ministers earlier this week, Asean not only failed to come up with common ground to broker a way forward away from the mounting bloodshed in Myanmar but displayed fundamental differences that have lowered the organisation's common denominator to new depths. The implications from Asean's sagging stance is that the pushback against Myanmar's military takeover must be carried out mainly by domestic political forces in the absence of regional effectiveness and with the limitations of global sanctions.

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    Asia rebuffs US sanctions on Myanmar, giving generals lifeline

    Bloomberg News, Published on 03/03/2021

    » As the US looks to build a coalition to further punish Myanmar’s generals, it’s not having much success convincing governments in Asia to follow suit.

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    Asean urges Nay Pyi Taw to free Aung San Suu Kyi

    News, Published on 03/03/2021

    » YANGON: Myanmar's neighbours pressed its ruling military yesterday to release ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi and cease what Singapore called the disastrous use of lethal force against opponents of their Feb 1 coup and work out a solution to the crisis.

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    SE Asian ministers prepare for Myanmar talks as crisis intensifies

    Reuters, Published on 02/03/2021

    » Foreign ministers of Southeast Asian countries prepared for a special meeting with Myanmar's ruling military on Tuesday in an effort to quell deadly violence and open a channel to tackle its escalating political crisis.

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