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    Naresuan backs down on 'green' campus

    Published on 20/08/2015

    » PHITSANULOK - Students and administrators at Naresuan University, at odds over a "green campus" concept, struck a compromise deal on Thursday to prevent the project from failing completely.

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    Ministry urges unis to control hazing rites

    Published on 26/06/2019

    » The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation has warned universities nationwide to strictly regulate their annual initiation rites for freshmen or so-called rab nong ceremonies and ban all activities which can cause harm to students.

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    Ministry asks unis to control hazing

    Gary Boyle, Published on 27/06/2019

    » A government ministry has warned universities nationwide to strictly regulate their annual hazing activities for freshmen - rab nong ceremonies - and ban those which can cause harm to students.

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    Thai unis face major challenges

    Dumrongkiat Mala, Published on 01/08/2019

    » Falling student rolls at a time of globalisation in the workforce will force providers to customise courses and emphasise re-skilling

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    Thai unis face major challenges

    News, Dumrongkiat Mala, Published on 01/08/2019

    » As the falling birth rate, technological disruption and the fast-changing needs of employers rapidly change the nature and availability of work, Thai universities are now being forced to make significant changes to remain efficient and relevant to survive.

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    NCPO pulls out old cards

    News, Editorial, Published on 30/03/2019

    » After general elections last Sunday, the country should have been moving to embrace a democratic environment and leave behind a culture of heavy-handed suppression of free speech and political activity, which has been rampant under the military regime over the past years. However, reactions from a number of the regime's key figures and authorities towards the emerging political scene seem to suggest otherwise.

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    Cries for help go unheard

    News, Published on 10/03/2019

    » Several high-profile incidents of suicide among school and university students over the past two weeks have focused the nation's attention on a problem that has been worsening, under the radar, for quite some time.

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    The digital university

    Life, AKIN, Published on 31/10/2018

    » The University of Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) and Cisco are collaborating to transform education and lay the foundation for hybrid learning experiences in Thailand.

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    Post Today Editorial

    News, Published on 08/02/2012

    » In barring Nitirat from organising activities on campus, the administrators of Thammasat University lay themselves open to accusations of violating the spirit of democracy. They may also be accused of bias against the group, because many other activists have been allowed to hold seminars and other political activities in the university's auditorium.

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    Texas school gunman 'confused,' his lawyers say

    AFP, Published on 22/05/2018

    » SANTA FE (UNITED STATES) - The gunman accused of killing 10 people and wounding 13 at a Texas high school last week was in a state of mental confusion, his attorneys said Monday, as schools beefed up security for students returning to classrooms.

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