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    S Korean thriller makes history

    News, Published on 11/02/2020

    » South Korean thriller Parasite made history on Sunday night when it became the film foreign-language film to win the Academy Award for best picture.

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    Who is our Oscars Favourite?

    B Magazine, Kong Rithdee, Published on 24/02/2019

    » The most important of all unimportant things, the Oscars arrive on Monday morning, Thailand time. In a year that seems more muted than usual, Hollywood's biggest jamboree has striven to stay relevant with the inclusion of blockbuster titles such as Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody, besides the more edgy and less popular films that have claimed much of the headlines, such as Roma and Green Book. While there are many cinematic awards around the world, the Oscars still seem to matter the most, and the ritual of predicting the winners is at once a frivolous parlour game and an annual survey of the vital signs of mainstream cinema. Don't bet on it, but we offer our takes here.

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    Long live the difference

    Life, Tatat Bunnag, Published on 28/01/2019

    » It's only a few weeks until the return of the Academy Awards (airing on the morning of Feb 25 in Thailand). And if you've been following entertainment news, and seen the list of this year's nominations, you might just have noticed that the 2019 Oscars is one of the most diverse yet.

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    The big picture: prizes vs popularity

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 06/03/2015

    » When Birdman won Best Picture at the Academy Awards last week, a New York Times headline read: "Oscars show growing gap between moviegoers and Academy", referring to the fact that a small, semi-art-house film that wasn't seen by many people received the industry's highest honour. The article goes on to quote film historian Philip Hallman, who says "most people have to finally accept that the Oscars have become elitist and not in step with anything that is actually popular".

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    Green Book beats the Oscars odds

    Life, Published on 26/02/2019

    » Green Book, about a white chauffeur and his black client in segregation-era America, won best picture at the Academy Awards, overcoming mixed critical notices and a series of awards-season setbacks. By backing Green Book voters slowed the ascendancy of Netflix, which had been pushing a competing nominee Roma.

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    Flowered up in Pha Taem

    Life, Pongpet Mekloy, Published on 21/11/2019

    » Pha Taem is Ubon Ratchathani's most famous national park. However, not as much known is the fact that the best time to visit this natural wonderland of the northeastern province is now.

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    Will the best films win the Oscars?

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 26/02/2016

    » The Oscar night is also the Oscar-bashing night. It was always the night (or morning, in our time zone) of constant bemoaning and condescension, because the Academy voters, like most voters, always get it wrong, at least to million others around the world who believe, in our collective delirium, that we have a stake in this pageant taking place somewhere in Los Angeles. Things have taken a turn for the worse with the snap judgement made possible by social media; now the outrage and disbelief are so raw since they're aired in real time, on Facebook and Twitter, like I did last year when I was convinced that it was against every law of nature that Birdman, a well-crafted display of pretension and self-obsession, won over the more delicate Boyhood.

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    As if you're there

    Life, Tatat Bunnag, Published on 31/01/2020

    » War is definitely hell, but Sam Mendes and his new feature film 1917 are having a heavenly wonderful time rising to the top at the moment. This latest tale on World War I won best picture at the Golden Globes and has become one of the front-runners for Oscar season next month. Despite its somewhat simple plot, the success of the film definitely wasn't a fluke, and can't be ignored.

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    Winning isn't the only thing

    B Magazine, Published on 09/02/2020

    » Best International Feature

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    Sunset cinema

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 03/05/2019

    » Everyone loves a good sunset on the beach. But when combined with a good movie, food and drinks, you get Peroni Sunset Cinema!

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