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    Snapping up the bad guys

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 18/07/2017

    » In deep jungle, a forest ranger in his black uniform slowly climbed up a tree. With trained, quick hands, he strapped a camouflage case to a high branch that could oversee an area underneath it at a wide angle. Inside the case was a camera trap that can monitor the movement of animals, and especially humans who may enter the forest illegally.

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    Off the bad guys

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 23/06/2017

    » Nations are paranoid, apprehensive that they will be attacked from one direction or another. History has shown that today's friends may well be tomorrow's enemies. So they pre-emptively draw up plans for war against neighbours and distant lands, stockpiling weapons.

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    Reasons for back-breaking

    Life, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 11/09/2015

    » Many would probably agree with me that watching Tony Jaa deliver righteous fury upon scores of bad guys is all good fun in and of itself. When we actually think about it, Jaa's past characters have committed untold absurdities to hundreds of people (who, to be fair, probably deserve it) for pretty minor reasons. The seminal Ong Bak is about a guy who wreaks havoc through the streets of Bangkok, probably causing millions of baht worth of damages, all for the head of a Buddha statue. In Tom Yum Goong, he was a guy who single-handedly brought down an international crime cartel because they made a fossil exhibit out of his favourite elephant. It's clear that as long as we are treated to Jaa's unmatched ability to bring the pain, the reasons why do not matter so much.

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    West remains silent on recapture of IS stronghold

    News, Published on 29/03/2016

    » The biggest military defeat that the Islamic State (IS) has suffered in more than two years. The recapture of Palmyra, the Roman city of the Empress Zenobia. And we are silent. Yes, folks, the bad guys won, didn't they? Otherwise, we would all be celebrating, wouldn't we?

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    Java scare

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 14/01/2013

    » "Download Java" is bad advice, at least for the time being, experts say. A security flaw in version 7 of the widely used program could allow bad guys to access your computer without your knowledge.

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    James Bond's 50th birthday

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 05/10/2012

    » James Bond's world of fast cars, girls, guns, gambling & fighting bad guys, captures 50 years of male fantasy & dreams.

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    No reason given for Big Joke's transfer

    News, Wassana Nanuam, Published on 10/04/2019

    » Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has transferred Pol Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn, widely known by his nickname "Big Joke", from the police force to a civil service job, where he will serve as a special adviser to the Prime Minister's Office.

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    Family business

    Life, Kanokporn Chanasongkram, Published on 21/09/2018

    » The tagline goes "Blasting mountains, torching huts". That's how the action films of Chalong Pakdivijit are usually described, for his legendary productions are known to be full of explosions, gunfire, intense fighting and villages being burned at the hands of the villains before the heroes arrive to save them. For five decades Chalong, now an 87-year-old National Artist, has been Thailand's best-known action auteur, on both the cinema and television screens.

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    Likay lives on

    Life, John Clewley, Published on 07/08/2018

    » My first experience of popular theatre in Thailand was a likay performance in the main market in Chumpon. I had not been in Thailand for long and was on my way back from a trip to Malaysia, travelling by local bus and train.

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    Detention centres stuck in past century

    Spectrum, Published on 18/02/2018

    » 'Thailand 4.0" is the military government's oft-heard catchphrase, but Thailand's immigration detention system is a relic from a previous century. The need for detention centre reform is not simply humanitarian, but economic, social and political.

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