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    Shifting into a new business leadership mode

    Published on 10/05/2021

    » When Covid-19 first emerged, nobody knew we would be where we are today. Because of the pandemic, our economy, businesses and lives have been changed. And for over a year now, we have lived in a climate of intense uncertainty.

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    Why mindset is critical in our situation today

    Published on 03/05/2021

    » Thailand is deep into the third wave of the pandemic. At this rate, we can be sure that the business landscape will remain at a standstill for some time yet. Business owners and their employees are on edge — will we survive this new, stronger wave of the coronavirus?

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    Innovation as a learning process

    Published on 19/04/2021

    » Innovation today isn’t simply about finding new ways or ideas of doing things to create new things. Sometimes, it’s also about reinventing what we already have into something better. The key to this is understanding the true needs of our customers.

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    Misconceptions about innovation

    Published on 05/04/2021

    » When we think about innovation, we think about companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Companies like these have a reputation for coming up with new technologies and processes and turning them into products and services that people use every day.

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    Why transitions matter in transformational change

    Published on 29/03/2021

    » Change is constant in our world and in the business landscape. There is never a time when our businesses shouldn’t be asking themselves how they can adapt to remain relevant and to sustain new growth and success. Because of external factors, businesses and their people must sometimes undertake a full and strategic transformational change to keep up.

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    Leadership in the fear zone

    Published on 15/03/2021

    » Change and uncertainty are uncomfortable. No one wants to intentionally experience discomfort. But we all know that staying in our comfort zone can be more dangerous and unsettling for organisations than getting a little uncomfortable.

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    Why transformational change efforts fail

    Published on 08/03/2021

    » We’re facing a combination of standstills and sudden changes in the world and the business landscape. Because of this, we are being forced to change. This in turn forces businesses to change and transform. We know full well that if we and our organisations remain the same, we put the survival of our businesses at risk.

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    Understanding the truth behind change and transformation

    Published on 01/03/2021

    » The uncertainty we’re living through today has taught us that the most constant element in our world is change. Our world can change so quickly, with different degrees of impact, that we often get caught off guard. Our work, businesses and lives get affected in so many ways that we are forced to change or transform.

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    Self-awareness for sustainable business leadership

    Published on 22/02/2021

    » The world as we know it has shifted, that is very clear. Because of this, our lives, careers and businesses have also shifted. We can even say that we have changed, but have we adjusted to the changes for the better?

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    How to make sure your collaboration efforts work

    Published on 15/02/2021

    » The reality we’re constantly facing today is that we can no longer rely on ourselves alone to drive our business or careers. Speed has become the top priority for many businesses to ensure survival during this time of uncertainty. But doing things on our own cannot guarantee they’ll get done faster.

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