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    Asean united on N Korea aggression

    News, Kornchanok Raksaseri, Published on 06/08/2017

    » MANILA - The Asean foreign ministers on Saturday issued a statement reiterating concern over escalating tensions in the Korean Peninsula, urging North Korea to immediately stop ballistic missile launches and nuclear tests.

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    Trump's instinctual diplomacy with Kim, Duterte

    News, New York Times, Published on 02/05/2017

    » WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump continued his outreach to rogue leaders Monday, declaring he would meet North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, provided the circumstances were right, even as the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, brushed aside the president’s invitation to visit the White House, saying he might be “too busy.”

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    The man who kills people

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 19/02/2017

    » Sending two women assassins he probably vetted personally after his half-brother seems a weird act for the leader of a country. For Kim Jong-un and for his father and for his father's father, it was Monday.

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    Trump's call to Taiwan no shock

    News, Courtney Donovan Smith, Published on 07/12/2016

    » US President-elect Donald Trump's taking a phone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen broke the almost four-decade precedent of no direct high-level contact between the US and Taiwan, and it seemed everyone had something to say about it.

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    Supreme Court forces nationalism into movie theatres

    News, Noah Feldman, Published on 05/12/2016

    » Amid rising Hindu nationalism, the Supreme Court of India has ordered theatres to play the national anthem before films and directed moviegoers to stand at attention -- no excuses. The Indian constitution is a wonder of the world, but this decision undercuts free-speech and individual rights at a moment when the country can ill-afford it. The court, which has the final word in interpreting the constitution, can still reverse itself. And it should, because the court's job is to protect rights, not to impose duties and obligations when the legislature has not done so.

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    Obama reassures Apec leaders

    News, Published on 22/11/2016

    » LIMA, PERU: US President Barack Obama returned to the White House Monday, ending the last foreign tour of his tenure as he prepares to hand power over to Donald Trump, amid unease about the Republican's volatility and isolationist rhetoric.

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    Syrian refugees invent app for Germany's bureaucracy maze

    News, Published on 16/08/2016

    » Interminable queues, impenetrable paperwork, unpronounceable German words -- the hurdles for any newcomer to Europe's top economy can be daunting but now there's an app for that, says a team of enterprising Syrian refugees.

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    Hollande slams priest murderers

    News, Published on 27/07/2016

    » PARIS: French President Francois Hollande last night blasted the "cowards" who killed an elderly priest during a siege at a church yesterday.

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    Markets brace for Monday jitters

    News, Published on 26/06/2016

    » LONDON - Financial markets are expecting more economic turmoil tomorrow following last week's dramatic vote by the United Kingdom (UK) to quit the European Union (EU).

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    5,000 Thais believed safe

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 07/02/2016

    » The government will monitor the situation in Tainan even though initial checks indicate about 5,000 Thais, who reside in Taiwan’s southern city, are safe following the powerful earthquake, foreign ministry spokesman Sek Wannamethee said yesterday.

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