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    The right coaching approach for success

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 26/05/2018

    » In order to groom successors for top positions in an organisation, the CEO usually faces one critical question: should they be developed by enhancing their strengths or closing the gaps in their weaknesses?


    Following in the footsteps of King Bhumibol

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 23/10/2017

    » It was heartbreaking news for Thai people when they heard that their beloved King had passed away on Oct 13, 2016. During his 70-year reign, King Bhumibol Adulyadej did so many things and taught us so many valuable lessons that have helped to guide us in how to properly behave and manage ourselves and our society.


    Low-potential people also deserve an opportunity to grow

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 05/10/2017

    » It is a common belief that taking good care of people in a business organisation will encourage them to deliver excellent performance in the long term. However, not all executives practise what they preach. This may reflect a number of factors, including heavy work pressure, the inability of the subordinates themselves, or their low perceived growth potential.


    Understanding IT professionals

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 21/09/2017

    » It is common knowledge, especially in corporations, that working with technical professionals is not easy. Since they are experts in a specialised area, they tend to be tough and stand firm on their opinions. If we could turn back time, we would see that they behaved this way even when they were young.


    How mindfulness boosts effectiveness

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 07/09/2017

    » Kamchai is a senior executive who reports directly to the CEO of a major company and is responsible for the financial performance of a key business unit. His track record is second to none, which means he excels in both technical knowledge and the people skills required to get the job done.


    How to choose the right candidate

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 24/08/2017

    » Competing in today's volatile world of business is increasingly difficult. More organisations are looking to recruit mid-career executives to sustain their competitive status and keep the business growing at the same time. Finding such talents is not easy, and even experienced Human Resources heads need help to put the right executives into the right jobs.


    Developing talent to secure the future

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 10/08/2017

    » Recently I had a conversation with a client who is a senior executive with a large multinational corporation. He told me that several top executives who have participated in my leadership development programmes have been promoted or rotated to higher responsibilities, in domestic as well as overseas locations. Thanks to this company's continuous dedication to managing talent and succession, it has never encountered a shortage of managers or top executives.


    Leading with task or people orientation

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 27/07/2017

    » Leadership is a subject that has been discussed ever since human society first began to form. It became increasingly important as major business organisations grew out of the industrial revolution and subsequent advances in production and technology. Leadership in the military also took on a critical role in the two world wars of the last century.


    Board composition: the importance of personality factors

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 13/07/2017

    » At the very top of the corporate pyramid sits a group of experienced members of the board who are perceived by management and shareholders as the right people for the right jobs. Generally speaking, they have the skills, experience and expertise to monitor and supervise the company's chief executive and top management.


    What great leaders do differently: Caring for their people

    Business, Sorayuth Vathanavisuth, Published on 29/06/2017

    » Rightly or wrongly, bosses and their direct reports tend not to get along that well in many workplaces. There is a kind of invisible barrier preventing them from getting closer and sharing their views, both work-related and personal. From my observation and direct experience, suggesting that a subordinate get closer to the boss is not easy. Working the other way around -- encouraging the boss to reach out to the subordinate -- is more promising.

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