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    How slow will China go? Its neighbours offer valuable clues

    Business, Lee Jong-wha, Published on 25/07/2016

    » China's economic performance over the last few decades has been outstanding. Despite possessing very different institutions than those seen in the advanced economies, no doubt a result of its communist system, China managed to achieve 8.7% average annual per capita GDP growth from 1980 to 2015. The key has been its unique strategy of "crossing the river by feeling the stones," whereby it has gradually tested, implemented, and adjusted reforms and growth-enhancing policies.


    Maintaining the Emerging Economy Growth Engine

    Business, Lee Jong-wha, Published on 21/03/2016

    » The world's emerging economies seem to be losing their dynamism. Countries that only a few years ago were being hailed for their resilience in the face of a global economic meltdown are now facing myriad challenges, reflected in significantly slower GDP growth. Is the emerging economy growth engine breaking down?


    Closing Asia's Emerging Skills Gap

    Business, Lee Jong-wha, Published on 18/01/2016

    » Asia is facing a human-capital challenge. Over the last three decades, significant gains in workforce size and quality helped Asia to become a hub of global supply chains -- and thus to sustain rapid progress towards advanced-economy income levels and living standards. But with workers increasingly unable to meet the demands of the labour market, the region's remarkable development success could be derailed.

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