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    Currencies slump, funds flee emerging markets

    Business, Published on 08/09/2018

    » Recap: Emerging stock markets, especially those in Asia, experienced heavy fund outflows as concerns mounted over the health of emerging economies in general, and contagion impact from the likes of Argentina and Turkey. The Indonesian rupiah hit a two-decade low and the Indian rupee also lost more ground. US-China trade tensions continue to cast a pall over markets as well.


    Ban on trans fat could boost palm oil

    Business, Published on 04/01/2018

    » The proposed ban on trans fat will force restaurants and cooking oil makers to modify their products, but the change may be a boon to the palm oil sector, an industry heavily supported by the government's Palm Oil and Palm Oil Industries Development Strategy.


    Billionaires play big in digital TV game

    Business, Nanat Suchiva, Published on 04/09/2017

    » The media business and billionaires seem to attract each other.


    Advertisers need new tricks to meet digital media challenge

    Business, Published on 31/08/2017

    » Digital media has made succeeding in advertising harder because it has opened the market for creative content to a wider field. At the same time, it has made measuring impact a more precise process, essential for ad buyers who are increasingly focused on return on investment.


    AR and VR: The new productivity tools beyond gaming and marketing

    Business, Published on 01/05/2017

    » All of the excitement around virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR) these days is spurring consumer marketing teams into action to ride the wave of this "next big thing". Virtual reality works by placing high-resolution screens over the user's eyes, occluding their view of their real-world surroundings. The nature of VR necessitates that the experience takes place in a safe, predefined area. To create greater immersion, many VR headsets also support audio. VR is not a mobile technology in the conventional sense: you can't put on a VR headset and walk down the street.


    US newspapers aim to ride 'Trump Bump'

    Business, Published on 17/02/2017

    » NEW YORK: The Trump administration's combative view of traditional news media as the "opposition party" and "fake news" is turning out to be the best hope in 2017 for newspapers struggling to attract more digital readers and advertisers.

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    US shopping mall culture — dying or just changing?

    Business, Published on 16/02/2015

    » Cierra Dorsey has happy memories of hanging out at the mall as a teenage girl, an adolescent rite of passage under threat in parts of the US as old-fashioned malls close their doors.

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