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    Paris Je T' Aime

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 12/07/2013

    » World-renowned French jeweller Cartier unveiled in Asia its latest fine jewellery collection called "Paris Nouvelle Vague", at W Hotel Seoul last week. The collection is inspired by the French capital, the jeweller and the Parisian woman _ capturing the varying facets of the French city at different times of day and pairing them with traits of the modern-day Parisian women.


    A virtuous life in a material world

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 23/07/2013

    » Today is Wan Khao Phansa, one of the many sacred Theravada Buddhism holidays. It signifies the beginning of Buddhist Lent in which monks are to retreat back to the temple and concentrate on studying dhamma and meditation for three lunar months during the rainy season. For many Thais, it is a time to actively engage in merit-making by offering necessities to monks including candles, lanterns and lamp oil that is burned during morning and evening recitation time.

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    Fine and dandy

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 13/06/2013

    » French luxury fashion brand Longchamp unveiled its Autumn 2013 ready-to-wear collection in Hong Kong last week.

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    Vault of vaunted vintages

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 28/06/2013

    » Moet & Chandon, one of the world's largest and most prominent champagne brands distributed by Diageo Moet Hennessy in Thailand, evokes the classic atmosphere of the original Moet & Chandon cellar in France's Champagne region in Bangkok with Asia's first underground cellar dining room _ "The Moet & Chandon Grand Cellar".


    Is lakhon TV a guilty pleasure?

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 18/06/2013

    » I have a secret crush. He is in high society, handsome and has ties to royalty. He is kind and sensitive with a heart that can melt an iceberg. We spend weekends together sharing tea and relaxing. That's right, I am infatuated with the <i>khunchai</i> from the hit <i>lakhon</i> drama series <i>Suparbburuth Chutathep</i>.

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    Don't blow your top

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 14/06/2013

    » Penfolds, the established Australian winemaker brand, recently sent its high calibre team led by chief winemaker Peter Gago on a mission to quality check Penfolds wines aged 15 years and older with the brand's Re-corking Clinic.


    The perfect flight? It's all about attitude

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 16/05/2013

    » Why is it that airline commercials always show images of smiling, comfortable people with perfect travelling experiences when in reality such things are as rare as a unicorn _ especially when you fly economy-class on a long-haul route.

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    Winzer winners

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 07/06/2013

    » The Austrian embassy led by Ambassador Dr Johannes Peterlink, together with Bernhard Bohnenberger, president of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, recently hosted an exclusive wine event to showcase some outstanding Austrian Winzer Krems wines at Six Senses Yao Noi.


    A design that flops

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 05/04/2013

    » There is a common joke among my foreign friends. How many seasons are there in Bangkok? Three _ hot, really hot and hot like hell. I've lived in Bangkok all my life and I agree that the weather is hot and humid all year round. But hot like hell is a bit of an exaggeration. If it is true, then the devil has met his match in the City of Angels.

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    Carry Couture

    Life, Prapai Kraisornkovit, Published on 11/04/2013

    » Summer is the best time to update your look and one of the easiest ways is with a fabulous new bag. Switching your bag can completely transform your outfit _ whether it's a slouchy leather holdall, a super-sized clutch, a summer bright shopper or a blazing-coloured tote. Here are some awesome designs to perfect your stylish look this summer.

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