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    Businesses must lead on data privacy

    News, Published on 11/09/2019

    » After a long wait, we finally have a law to protect our data privacy. But don't jump with joy just yet.


    What price a clean city?

    News, Editorial, Published on 10/09/2019

    » Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang has made a last-minute decision to halt a four-fold hike in garbage collection fees, to 80 baht per month, until next year. The postponement, which was supported by the coup-installed city council, is seen as confirmation that he is planning to run in the governor election that may take place soon.


    Abe takes aim at pacifist charter

    News, Published on 10/09/2019

    » The ongoing trade dispute between Japan and South Korea should by no means hinder Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ambition to change his country's pacifist constitution. Mr Abe will soon break two records as leader of the world's third-largest economy. On Nov 20, 2019, he will become the country's longest-serving prime minister, surpassing Katsura Taro, who served a total 2,886 days over three terms from 1901-1906, 1908-1911 and 1912-1913. Mr Abe's first term as prime minister lasted only a year, from September 2006-Oct 2007, due to health reasons.


    The Buddha, Ultraman and a middle way

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 10/09/2019

    » Japanese superhero Ultraman, known for protecting the world against evil, has become an unlikely test of Thailand's cultural expression limits.


    Ending slavery with the right strategy

    News, Published on 10/09/2019

    » Thailand is often associated with culinary delights, sandy beaches, and beautiful temples, but it also has its share of human rights-related labour problems. Today, there continue to be a significant number of forced-labour victims in the country. According to the US State Department's 2019 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP), the Thai government successfully identified 631 victims in 2018. However, Thailand's private sector can still help to make the government's approach more sophisticated.


    Questioning Buddha

    News, Postbag, Published on 10/09/2019

    » Re: "National artist defends student after scandal", (BP, Sept 9).


    How screen size reflects the age gap divide

    Oped, Published on 09/09/2019

    » The generational divide is described and defined in many different ways, some more empirical than others. Many of these theories are speculative rather than confirmed, so in that spirit I would like to offer my nomination for what is truly the dividing force: screen size.


    Honour your student debts

    News, Editorial, Published on 09/09/2019

    » One of the weak points of many Thais is lack of responsibility such as when they default on student loan repayments. A number of these cases has manifested itself publicly recently.


    Ethics of waste

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 09/09/2019

    » Some weeks ago, a Facebook page shared posts from a closed group of people who believed in urine therapy or urotherapy.


    Billy's death should not be in vain

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 09/09/2019

    » Last week, the mystery was over.

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