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    Army chief paranoid?

    News, Postbag, Published on 28/09/2019

    » Re: "Apirat says B12bn of US arms 'a necessity'", (BP, Sept 26). Every time I read the army's attempt to justify their need for more extremely violent weapons, I get the feeling that the main qualification necessary for the head of the army is that he needs to be extremely paranoid. Who does he think is going to attack us? The last attack on the army that I remember was some guy who rammed a tank with his taxi at or near the Royal Plaza. Is the army commander afraid that it will be a whole fleet of taxis next time?


    Oblivious army

    News, Postbag, Published on 27/09/2019

    » According to the latest UN report on rising sea levels, Bangkok is one of the cities that will be experiencing yearly floods 30 years from now. If the military was really serious about protecting the country, they would be using their budget to move their more vulnerable installations to higher ground and buying equipment to combat floods instead of the attack helicopters, missiles and rockets that army commander Gen Apirat Kongsompong wants.


    A touch of irony

    News, Postbag, Published on 26/09/2019

    » Re: "Prayut hails Thai health system at UN", (BP, Sept 25).


    Media gatekeepers

    News, Postbag, Published on 25/09/2019

    » I totally agree with Darius Hober's assertions, "Stop blaming others", (PostBag, Sept 19) and as many others I believe I can spot fake news when I see it in contrast to Samanea Saman, "Fake news is out there", (PostBag, Sept 22).


    Land of intrigues

    News, Postbag, Published on 24/09/2019

    » Under PM Prayut Chan-o-cha's leadership since 2014, there have been mysterious incidents that have led political junkies to rack their brains trying to solve them.


    No logic in TM30

    News, Postbag, Published on 23/09/2019

    » Re: "Fuzzy logic doing a disservice to the nation", (Opinion, Sept 21).


    Military rule is poison

    News, Postbag, Published on 22/09/2019

    » Re: "PM doublespeak", (PostBag, Sept 21).


    Poor meant to suffer

    News, Postbag, Published on 21/09/2019

    » Re: "Ubon flood saga catches govt napping", (Opinion, Sept 20). The whole problem has many answers. Corruption, low education, but mostly the higher-ups just don't care about poor people and especially those from the North and Northeast even more so.


    Hiding the truth

    News, Postbag, Published on 20/09/2019

    » Re: "Stop blaming others", (PostBag, Sept 19). Well said, Darius Hober. The worst possible solution to the threats posed by false statements would be to entrust the truth to the state, or to any other sole institution.


    What's in a name?

    News, Postbag, Published on 19/09/2019

    » Here are some facts about California University FCE.

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