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    Some things Thailand can really do without

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 07/04/2012

    » I would like to start by apologising for my prolonged absence from the Bangkok Post because I needed that time off to care for a growing family.


    Thailand's formula for success

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 11/05/2012

    » Countless books authored by accomplished people from all types of professions from time immemorial have written about "The Formula for Success" in one way or another. From Machiavelli's The Prince, Sun Tzu's Art of War to Benjamin Graham's Value Investing, these great men attempted to put down on paper their secret for success in their respective occupations. Einstein gave us a general Theory of Relativity but is there a general theory for success? Will someone ever come up with a formulaic expression for success that can be widely applied? And can success really be defined?


    Dreaming of a better tomorrow

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 02/06/2012

    » I often try and imagine what this country will be like when my children are my age.


    How to tell if you're still a farang

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 28/11/2012

    » As a Thai who has spent some time abroad I consider myself able to evaluate whether a farang, (I use this term endearingly) has been properly assimilated into Thai society.


    Beware politicians' weapons of mass deception

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 04/12/2012

    » The most important role of any democratic citizenry is deciding who you trust to govern your country. This is the ultimate delegation of responsibility. But the process involves an intricate system of evaluating the ability, performance, policy and integrity of the person or party asking for your support. In order to do this vital job properly I think citizens ought to at least be aware of the "weapons of mass deception" that politicians employ to fool us into making uninformed decisions. An inquisitive electorate that asks poignant questions and holds people of authority to account is essential for a thriving democracy. Never blindly hand over the keys to our democracy without close examination, because all that glitters is not gold. As the great communicator Ronald Reagan once said: "Trust but verify."


    Are you Thai? 11 ways to tell

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 25/12/2012

    » A few weeks ago I wrote an article for this newspaper titled "How to Tell Whether You're a Farang". I got so many Tweets suggesting that I write a follow-up to even things out that I felt obligated to pen a simple test for those Thais attempting to become farang, and to determine whether they have indeed made that transformation successfully. So here's my simple test, for what it's worth.


    The case for a new, untainted constitution

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 08/01/2013

    » The most fundamental issue of our generation was the highlight of 2012.


    How about a few new laws for Thailand?

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 19/01/2013

    » The following are some of the new laws which I think if judiciously implemented would make a lot of sense and bring happiness to the general public. No doubt readers will be able to come up with some of their own new laws too.


    Success now comes with a degree in degeneracy

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 05/02/2013

    » Thailand is not a failed state by any stretch of the imagination because the primary institutions of the state _ such as the military, the legislature, and the executive and judicial branches of government _ seem to be, on the surface, functioning well enough.


    Section 112 hurts more than helps monarchy

    News, Songkran Grachangnetara, Published on 21/03/2013

    » Three cheers to the producers of the Thai PBS programme on constitutional monarchy and congratulations to the director and the board of governors of Thai PBS for finally allowing the final installment of the series to be televised. I watched the series with delight and, as a taxpayer who funds the Thai PBS, for once thought my hard-earned cash was put to good use producing an informative programme bringing together differing views from the full spectrum of the intellectual cognoscenti.

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