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    Jim Kim is what World Bank needs

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 30/03/2012

    » Last month, I called for the World Bank to be led by a global development leader rather than a banker or political insider.


    World suffering a sustainability crisis

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 26/04/2012

    » The annual spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have provided a window into two fundamental trends driving global politics and the world economy. Geopolitics is moving decisively away from a world dominated by Europe and the United States to one with many regional powers but no global leader. And a new era of economic instability is at hand, owing as much to physical limits to growth as to financial turmoil.


    Floods and drought highlight summer of climate truth

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 31/07/2012

    » For years, climate scientists have been warning the world that the heavy use of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) threatens the world with human-induced climate change. The rising atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, would warm the planet and change rainfall and storm patterns and raise sea levels. Now those changes are hitting in every direction, even as powerful corporate lobbies and media propagandists like Rupert Murdoch try to deny the truth.


    Network would mobilise technology to save our planet

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 28/08/2012

    » Great social change occurs in several ways. A technological breakthrough _ the steam engine, computers, the internet _ may play a leading role. Visionaries, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela, may inspire a demand for justice. Political leaders may lead a broad reform movement, as with Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal.


    A better way to fight climate change

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 03/03/2013

    » Of all major world regions, Europe has worked the hardest to implement policies aimed at countering human-caused climate change. Yet the cornerstone of Europe's approach _ a continent-wide emissions trading system for the greenhouse gases that cause climate change _ is in trouble. That experience suggests a better strategy for both Europe and the rest of the world.


    Military must reinstate Morsi to ensure Egypt stability

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 17/07/2013

    » Putting an end to Egypt's deepening polarisation and rising bloodshed requires one urgent first step: the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi as Egypt's duly elected president. His removal by a military coup was unjustified. While it is true that millions of demonstrators opposed Mr Morsi's rule, even massive street protests do not constitute a valid case for a military coup in the name of the "people" when election results repeatedly say otherwise.


    US must end dangerous policy of Middle East meddling

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 05/09/2013

    » As the US Congress considers whether to authorise American military intervention in Syria, its members should bear in mind a basic truth: While Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly used extreme violence to retain power, the United States _ and other governments in the Middle East and Europe _ share responsibility for turning Syria into a killing field.


    In the sochi ERA, Russia thrives

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 23/02/2014

    » The Winter Olympics in Sochi are the first to be hosted by Russia since the Cold War-era Moscow Summer Games in 1980. Obviously, much has changed politically in the interim. But today's Games create an opportune moment to look back at Russia's recent economic history _ and to peer forward.


    Putin’s perilous road leads to ruin

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 02/05/2014

    » The dangers of the crisis in Ukraine cannot be exaggerated. Russian President Vladimir Putin is overtly and covertly inciting separatism in eastern Ukraine, and has declared Russia’s unilateral right to intervene there, in complete contravention of international law. Russia’s provocative policies are putting it on a collision course with the West.


    One step closer to global disaster

    News, Jeffrey D Sachs, Published on 23/07/2014

    » Karl Marx famously wrote that history repeats itself, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce”. Yet when we look around nowadays, we can’t help but wonder whether tragedy will be followed by yet more tragedy.

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