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    Taking steps to ensure food chain connectivity

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 15/02/2012

    » Connectivity within supply chains is not easy to achieve, especially as competitiveness in developing and less developed countries may be weak. This constraint also affects food chains where farmers face many challenges in improving their competitiveness and developing mutually beneficial linkages from suppliers of raw materials through each stage of production to retail outlets and ultimately to buyers and end consumers. Understanding the requirements of each of the different players and taking a longer-term approach to creating and nurturing strong partnerships can provide the key to unlocking these challenges.


    The significant value of the tourism supply chain

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 22/02/2012

    » For most tourists, planning a holiday in Thailand has always held high levels of excitement and the expectation of a wonderful experience.


    Doors closing on the airline supply chain

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 29/02/2012

    » Many things must happen properly for a commercial aircraft to depart on time from an airport. Without timely arrivals and departures, aircraft timetables would descend into chaos. Airports would become congested, other flights would be delayed as passengers miss connections, baggage delayed, priority cargo would not be shipped on time, correct scheduling of support equipment would be difficult, and airlines might not be able to operate their aircraft profitably.


    Rethinking Security : Supply chains in crisis

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 04/04/2012

    » Supply chains are affected by disruptions such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters and logistics failures. This has resulted in significant focus being directed into developing new capabilities such as supply chain risk management, supply chain security and disaster response. Last Saturday in southern Thailand, a series of car bombs went off, destroying shops and vehicles, engulfing buildings in flame and smoke and sending panicked shoppers and tourists fleeing.


    Ensuring logistics support for military aircraft

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 30/05/2012

    » Thailand's defence capability has been boosted significantly with the recent purchase of the JAS 39 Gripen military fighter jet from Saab of Sweden. This small, agile aircraft can take off and land on highways, while carrying the latest technologies and weaponry, providing a potent deterrent in times of peace and a highly effective air combat capability in times of conflict.


    Inspiration and innovation: Essential scm ingredients

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 13/06/2012

    » I have been involved in a wide range of innovative supply chain projects over the years. These have ranged from implementing something entirely new to overseeing a complex set of activities and related services. Most have been successful; some others have been technicolour failures.


    Managing talent in the supply chain

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 18/07/2012

    » In a business world of increasing complexity, globalisation, fluctuating economic conditions and rapidly expanding new markets, supply chain management has become a critical component to achieve success or even just ensure corporate survival. However, Southeast Asia faces an even greater challenge to match new investments in national infrastructure with effective supply chain and logistic capabilities to ensure competitiveness and sustainable growth. Ironically, some previously restricted markets (most recently being opened for development and enjoying an influx of financial investment to develop their economies) are facing a huge gap in supply chain and logistics talent to make it all happen.


    Developing scm skills in southeast asia

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 15/08/2012

    » With the growing acceptance that good logistics and supply chain performance is critical to maintaining competitiveness and success, business and government leaders realise that further investment is needed to develop more appropriate managerial skills and capabilities.


    A supply chain christmas

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 19/12/2012

    » 'Twas the night before christmas, the shop floor was bare


    The palm Oil-Sustainability Trade-Off

    Business, Chris Catto-Smith, Published on 13/02/2013

    » Oil palm is a remarkably efficient crop that provides the majority of the world's vegetable oil and generates valuable revenue for the developing countries where it is grown. Trade value is US$50 billion a year for the commodity that goes into about half the products on supermarket shelves (soap, margarine, ice cream, noodles and chocolate, to name a few), but palm oil has struggled on the road to sustainability. It is even a candidate for some UK power plants as a cheap but unsustainable fossil-fuel alternative.

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