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    Noble no more

    News, Postbag, Published on 17/09/2019

    » An American senator is said to have coined the phrase, "The first casualty when war comes is truth", back in 1918.


    Thailand's going bananas for Korea

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 17/09/2019

    » When South Korean President Moon Jae-in visited Thailand recently, he highlighted two Thai names, Nichkhun of 2PM and Lisa of Blackpink as symbols of the excellent South Korean-Thai friendship. Nichkhun Horvejkul and Lalisa Manoban are young Thai idols who are making a living as K-Pop performers in Seoul. Both of them speak fluent Korean, they are trained to sing in Korean and are well-versed in K-Pop dancing.


    Thamanat saga reflects regime's failed crusade

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 17/09/2019

    » For a regime that branded itself a crusader against "corrupt politicians", the Prayut Chan-o-cha government so far, fallen short of its promises.


    Education is useless if it leads to unhappy lives

    News, Published on 17/09/2019

    » For me, the biggest challenge of our education systems is that we fail to prepare our children for life. With all their tests and exams, crowded timetables, homework overload and overwhelming requirements in exams, schools prepare students for universities, but not for life. Graduates might in theory be experts in algebra and cell systems, but they don't have self-confidence, nor goals, nor practical skills, and are scared of their own future. They are far too often unhappy with themselves, constantly under pressure and unable to build strong relationships with others.


    Rohingya still a 'throwaway people'

    News, Johanna Son, Published on 17/09/2019

    » The second anniversary of the Rohingyas' exodus from Myanmar has come and gone, exposing how Southeast Asia's biggest humanitarian disaster in recent times has become a festering wound that all see but cannot or will not salve, much less heal.


    Tiger deaths covered up?

    News, Editorial, Published on 17/09/2019

    » The country has been shocked by news of the high death toll among tigers in the care of the Wildlife Conservation Department at two state-owned sanctuaries in Ratchaburi.

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