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    Double standards

    News, Editorial, Published on 24/09/2016

    » The alleged forest encroachment case in Trat involving one of the richest families in Thailand has raised a few questions about possible double standards.


    Hanuman help us from a 'happy' ogre

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 24/09/2016

    » The crusader has returned to the gate, ready to crush the infidels. I thought the new buzzword was "Thailand 4.0", whatever that means, and yet this week we're still arguing if a portrayal of a mythical ogre in a music video is blasphemy, a transgression against the high culture of Siam, the culture that stares down from a pedestal, that exists like a taxidermied animal on the altar of an abandoned temple.


    A very un-Thai affair: Andy Hall and Natural Fruit

    News, John Draper, Published on 24/09/2016

    » The Criminal Court verdict against human rights activist Andy Hall for defamation and violation of the Computer Crimes Act which was lauded by the plaintiff, Wirat Piyapornpaiboon, the president of Natural Fruit, makes it worthwhile to examine the case through official normative Thai values, the "12 Core Values of Thai People".


    Govt, rebels must end pernicious impasse

    News, Matt Wheeler, Published on 24/09/2016

    » The government and the rebels in the South are talking, and their words say they want to find a way to end the insurgency, but their actions suggest both sides would prefer the current dreadful stalemate to the difficult compromises that would be necessary for real peace.

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