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    What made Ali 'unforgivably black'

    News, Published on 10/06/2016

    » Muhammad Ali's "black power" activism may not fit neatly into the outpouring of grief, respect and reflection in the coming days and weeks after his death last Friday at age 74. But it's one of the most crucial and enduring parts of a legacy that shaped the world.


    Let's have a swift charter clause ruling

    News, Umesh Pandey, Published on 10/06/2016

    » The ongoing debate over the referendum on the draft constitution, with each side presenting its side of story, has started to confuse me as to what all the fuss is about.


    Sustainability goals a way forward for a better future

    News, Published on 10/06/2016

    » The adoption of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a unique opportunity for the Asia-Pacific region to foster a new development path based on the integration of the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability. Despite considerable progress in the region during the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, a number of challenges remain to achieve sustainability. Three of the most important relate to the use of natural resources, rising inequality and the status of participation.


    New land tax could be bolder

    News, Editorial, Published on 10/06/2016

    » At long last the cabinet has approved a new land and building tax that is set to come into effect next year. It is the right decision. The new tax is expected to boost state coffers by more than 64 billion baht. Of that amount, 60 billion baht will come from commercial buildings, 4 billion from residences and 50 million from agricultural land. All income will be used for local development.



    Guru, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 10/06/2016

    » Last week, I read about something really disturbing. Well, three things to be exact.

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