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    Who gets to lease the East?

    Spectrum, Paritta Wangkiat, Published on 21/05/2017

    » When Gunn Tattiyakul, a villager from the Bang Khla district of Chachoengasao, learned that his province was chosen as a development site for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), an ambitious government project, he couldn't help but worry.

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    Tainted by a sordid tradition

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 21/05/2017

    » For Note, a 42-year-old freelance journalist in northern Thailand, there's nothing bigger or more exciting than welcoming government officials from the central office in Bangkok. The officials visit for inspections, meeting with locals and talking to the local media. The trip is usually well organised from the moment they arrive until they leave the area.

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    The night a Bangkok protest turned deadly

    Spectrum, Published on 14/05/2017

    » 'You don't want to go down there," lamented one colleague. "There's bloody running street battles." It was Monday, May 18, 1992, and peaceful protests on the streets of Bangkok had taken an ominous turn. Military security personnel had opened fire on protesters the previous night, and Thailand's struggle to free itself from a seemingly endless cycle of military dictatorship was rapidly spiralling out of control.


    Bangkok's condo market stable

    Spectrum, Published on 14/05/2017

    » A total of 10,380 condominium units were launched in Bangkok in the first quarter of 2017, which was dramatically less than in the fourth quarter of 2016, largely because some developers continued to lack confidence in the market. However, the fourth-quarter figure was unusually high compared with the previous few years because some units were launched as new projects in that period.

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    No minor offence

    Spectrum, Jeerawat Na Thalang, Published on 14/05/2017

    » Moo Yong is the nickname of an 18-year-old male suspected of murdering Niran Soisoongnoen, a 25-year-old new graduate. Niran's body was found buried along a road that he was travelling en route from Bangkok to his home province of Chaiyaphum. Shortly before he died, he phoned his mother to say he would be coming home for Songkran soon and that he missed her cooking.

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    A bitter pill to swallow

    Spectrum, Published on 07/05/2017

    » In December last year, rocker Artiwara Kongmalai completed a 400-kilometre charity marathon to raise funds for Bang Saphan Hospital in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Better known as Toon Bodyslam, the lead singer of rock band Bodyslam ran from Bangkok to Bang Saphan in 10 days during which he hoped to raise 63 million baht. The donations are still coming in.

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    Money can't buy Miss Tip's love

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 07/05/2017

    » We never knew mum when she was young and not yet ravaged by cheap booze and hard hot years under the Southeast Asian sun doing unskilled sweatshop labour, living wherever there was work on the decks and holds of rusty out-of-date cargo ships in the Bay of Bangkok.

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    To be or not to be in Thailand

    Spectrum, Jeerawat Na Thalang, Published on 30/04/2017

    » Most Thais regard William Shakespeare's plays as high art which they have to climb a balcony to understand, though they may be surprised to find that the Bard's plays are not all Greek to them.

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    One born every minute

    Spectrum, Chaiyot Yongcharoenchai, Published on 30/04/2017

    » Purapat Somyanarong, a business owner from Rayong, is always looking for new ways to invest his money. Although the 45-year-old entrepreneur is not a multimillionaire, he always seems to be able to find money to invest in anything that sounds like a good deal.


    Exciting times for Bangkok real estate

    Spectrum, Published on 30/04/2017

    » The past three years have marked an interesting change in Thailand, and especially Bangkok, in terms of real estate. We have experienced a change in political leadership, uncertain global economic conditions that have been felt even in our domestic economy, and a real estate market that has been bearish for a while.

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